Some of Our Favorite Authors

Michelle Zink: Author of the Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy and the newly released Temptation of Angels. Michelle was one of our local authors and was wildly supportive of our store. We loved having her come do signings and chatting with her when she dropped in to do some shopping! Her books are amazing and she's just about the nicest person you could ever meet!
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Owen Palmiotti: Author of The Adventures of Benjamin Manry series. He was another one of our favorite authors. We loved having him come do signings! He always dressed as a pirate and was terrifically friendly and fun to have in the store.

Tahereh Mafi: Author of Shatter Me and all around hilarious tweeter and blogger. (Rebecca T. here) I "met" Tahereh when she first burst onto the social media scene and I can't believe she's now a best-selling author! She's about one of the nicest people I've ever met online. Her blog is updated a little less frequently now that she's got book tours and sequels to revise and even more coffee to drink, but when she does post it's not something you want to miss!         Twitter