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Once Upon a Time - The Brothers Jones

5.15 "The Brothers Jones"

This week on Once Killian's brother returns to two-face his way back into his brother's life. Meanwhile Henry's feeling stuck on the sidelines again (I can't imagine why he would possibly feel that way /sarcasm) and heads out on a quest of his own, willing to help a villain in order to feel needed.

Something about Liam rubbed me the wrong way from the first moment he showed up on their doorstop. His sanctimonious air just seemed too put on. In the flashback, I thought he was going to give Killian the commission in order to get him away from Silver, but when he ripped up both contracts I knew it wasn't going anywhere good. Because if he really thought Killian couldn't do good without him that's really arrogant and demeaning to Killian. I guess there is some nobility in giving up his own chance in order to stay with his brother, but the way he does it just feels over the top. Whenever someone presents themselves as completely righteous, they're usually covering something up.

And what a doozy. I mean, it's one thing to trade your own soul, but to trade the souls of a whole crew of men just to get your commission? That's outright cold.

I wasn't sure how I felt about Liam gaining closure through sacrifice rather than forgiving himself, but really it's pretty perfect. He hasn't seemed to have a hard time thinking well of himself or excusing his behavior. Liam's problem was putting himself first even in martyring himself. This was a true act of sacrifice where he would gain nothing from it.

And in the process, Hades loses 6 more souls. Which brings me to another question - why did Hades just poof away when Liam's closure came? Is that light magic that he can't stay close to?

We finally get a couple of happy moments with Killian and Emma, though, and Killian seems to have made some peace with himself due to the run in with Liam.
Also, their exchange:
Killian: "Hades sort of knocked the handsome out of me"
Emma: "No one's that powerful"
so adorable.

I can't wait for James and David to meet actually. That will be so fantastic.

As for Henry (by the way I love that Henry can't say Cruella's name. It cracks me up.), I totally get his frustration. I know they're trying to protect him, but he's held his own (and been the key to breaking several curses, etc.) quite well. It's time to let Henry be full on part of the team now, people! And I love that he's figured out how to use the pen in the right way! How brilliant to use it to find out more about Hades.

I was excited about getting more Hades backstory until that last scene. WHY WHY DOES EVERYTHING KEEP COMING BACK TO ZELENA. *sobs incoherently*

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica

Heidi disrupts her entire life and the life of her teenage daughter Zoe and husband Chris, when her “do-gooder,” nature compels her to take in Willow, a homeless teenage runaway with a baby, into her family home. 

The fact that this novel was told through three different points of view (Heidi’s, Willow’s, and Chris’) is what saved this novel for me. I had a really hard time identifying with Heidi. I understood her desire to want to help people but couldn’t justify why she put everyone else, including herself, above her own family. I really sympathized with Chris’ point of view as he seemed to agree with most of my thoughts of the whole situation. To say too much about Willow’s point of view would spoil the whole mystery of the how’s and why’s that led her to cross paths with Heidi. I would’ve really enjoyed some sections from Zoe’s point of view. This was a well-written intriguing story. It’s not just a mystery but a deeper story of a family in crisis. A good read for a lazy Sunday that will have you mulling on it all week. 


Thanks to the folks at Harlequin/Mira for providing me with this ARC at BEA 2015. 

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Down the Rabbit Hole by Holly Madison

Holly Madison, the former star of "The Girls Next Door" and Hugh Hefner’s former flame dishes all the dirt of her life at the Playboy mansion and post-mansion.  

I loved the reality series “The Girls Next Door,” and I found this to be a really entertaining read in that regard. However, I found that Ms. Madison dished way too much dirt. Not only did she have terrible things to say about Hef including allegations of verbal abuse, she also insulted nearly every one of her friends at some point during the book. She called her friend Laura Croft the “weakest link” of her reality show “Holly’s World.” Ouch! At times, I felt like I was reading a burn book similar to that one in the movie “Mean Girls,” which is ironic as Madison spends much of the book pointing fingers at other “mean girls” inside the Playboy Mansion. I would recommend "Down the Rabbit Hole," by Holly Madison only to die-hard fans of “The Girls Next Door.”


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Downton Abbey Series Finale

We can't believe it's over! How can there be no more Downton Abbey? But they did wrap up the series pretty definitively in the final episode. Rather than our normal sort of general back and forth we thought we'd talk a little bit about each couple or character so we don't miss anything and so we can send off the series in a fitting way.

Robert & Cora:

Jenn:  I'm glad that Robert's health crisis seems to be over.  Fortunately for Cora, Rose returned just in time to help Robert see that Cora needs a little freedom and is doing an amazing job with her new hospital board duties.

Rebecca: It was so great to see Rose again! And I was so glad Robert finally got a chance to really understand how much this means to Cora. I love that, even with all the ups and downs of their relationship, they've managed to stay committed to each other and still love each other.

Mary & Henry:

Rebecca: I still have a hard time seeing them together - there are just so many differences between them! I really kind of think they'll drift apart as time goes on, not in animosity, but just living different lives. I'm glad Henry helped give Tom the nudge he needed, though.

Jenn: I still don't see it myself.  It's not that he isn't attractive; he's cute and I loved the actor (Matthew Goode) on "The Good Wife," but I just don't see what Henry and Mary have in common other than physical attraction.  All we seemed to learn about him is that he loves cars and was determined to get Mary to be his wife.  It was nice to see him interact with George though.  A lot of Mary's suitors seemed to overlook the fact that they'd have to take on step-father duties as well as husband duties. 

Edith & Bertie:

Jenn: I was thrilled, absolutely thrilled, that things worked out for them. I actually teared up while watching their wedding.  Edith has been through a lot of misery.  Remember that time that she almost got married and then Sir Anthony stood her up at the wedding?  So, I was ecstatic that not only did she find an even better match for herself, and father for Marigold; Bertie comes with a fancy title to one-up Mary after all these years. 

Rebecca: I know Edith has been just as nasty as Mary in the past, but I think she has grown so much and has lost so much, so I was also really happy to see her finally get some happiness. Bertie is wonderful and she even managed to win over Bertie's mother! I can just picture them with a big, lively family.


Jenn: While I don't see what Mary & Henry have in common, I can certainly see why Tom and Henry have become not just brother in laws but good friends.  Tom's business sense and passion for cars is a perfect for Henry's racing experience and I'm sure there business will be a huge success. 

Rebecca: I was really happy that Tom was able to find something constructive that he really loved to do. And, though I sort of despised the attempts at pairing everyone off, I really like the woman at the newspaper and could see the two of them hitting it off even more in future.


Rebecca: Violet made it to the end of the series! There were a few moments I was a little concerned, even though Maggie Smith said she would keep going to the end. I will miss her sassiness the most, I think. And it was nice to see her affirm Cora in that last moment.

Jenn:  It was nice to see Violet pass the torch to Cora, "It's your kingdom now..."  

Isobel & Richard:

Rebecca: I cannot believe how foul Dickie's son and daughter-in-law continue to be. And I am so happy he and Isobel have a chance for further happiness together.

Jenn: One of my favorite parts of the episode was when Isobel and Violent stormed in to Lord Merton's manor to rescue him.  What a shame that his son is so greedy and interested only in the house and material possessions.  I looked up that condition that Lord Merton was originally diagnosed with; it's a vitamin B-12 deficiency.  I have that myself and I'm relieved they can fix that now with supplements.  I was glad my suspicion that he was misdiagnosed proved true.
Amelia: “Mrs. Crawley wants to take you away from your son and your family and kidnap you into marriage. What do you say?”
Lord Merton: “How perfectly marvelous.”
Carson & Elsie:

Jenn:  I'm looking at this character prompt and I'm thinking who is Elsie?  LOL Carson seemed to get the only bad news in the finale.  His job was his whole life and now in addition to adjusting to married life, he will have to adjust to reduced job duties and dealing with his shaky hands condition.  At least Elsie will take good care of her "curmudgeon."  And how funny was it when Carson got upset that Anna was giving birth in Lady Mary's bed?!!

Rebecca: It was so sad to see Carson this way. He's always been so strong and confident. But he has so much wisdom to share (if he can deal with the fact that the world is changing!). I hope he's able to work congenially with Thomas. And Elsie (or Mrs. Hughes haha) may find him a bit difficult to deal with, especially if she keeps working as housekeeper. I could see that being really hard for Carson, to sit on the sidelines while she keeps going. I hope their love will continue to grow and help them over the difficult transition.

Bates & Anna:

Jenn:  For the first time, we hear Anna call Bates by his first name! Next to Edith, these two were the most deserving of a Happily Ever After and I'm glad they got it.

Rebecca: Yay for babies! I love them and am so glad their story ended on such a high note.


Rebecca: If you had told me even a few episodes ago that I would be happy he is coming back to Downton and that I would actually be cheering for it to happen I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have believed you. I'm still not entirely sure how they managed to turn me around so completely on this character, but it is nice not despising any of the main characters at the end of the series.

Jenn:  Same here!  I hated Thomas for 5 seasons and I also cheered when he got his job back at Downton and not just any job but the job he's longed for since the show began.

Daisy & Andy:

Rebecca: Meh. I do think Daisy has a tendency to push away anyone who shows interest in her, but I'm not entirely sure that simply pairing her off with Andy is satisfying. I am glad she's going to move to the farm with Mr. Mason, though. I'd love it if she decided to go off and further her education or travel or something. Andy is a sweet guy and I think it would be amazing if he took over for Mr. Mason eventually; I'm just not sure it's best for him to be paired with Daisy. (the pairing off of everyone is my main pet peeve for the finale)

Jenn:  Andy doesn't seem like the type of guy to hold Daisy back.  She can put her education to work on the business end of the farm.  I don't think Mr. Mason would let Andy hold her back in anyway.  Also, I loved that new haircut!

Mrs. Patmore:

Jenn:  I wish we could've seen a little more of her B&B.  I'm sure she'll continue to be the mother figure Daisy needs and maybe pursue something with Mr. Mason that would make them a nice big happy family.

Rebecca: I love Mrs. Patmore so much. I hope her B&B goes on to be a rousing success and that she goes on to inspire many more young girls like Daisy and Ivy.

Mr. Molesley:

Jenn:  Another character who I was thrilled to see great things happen to.   I would've like to have seen him get together with Baxter who he is obviously keen on but at least they remained good friends so I see potential there.

Rebecca: Baxter's and Molesley's friendship is so sweet. I don't know if it would go romantic or not, and I don't think it really matters. They've supported each other beautifully and I'm so happy for Molesley to move on to amazing things with his teaching.

Mrs. Baxter:

Rebecca: I do wish we'd gotten just a little bit more about her, but I feel like hers is the least developed character in the series. By the time she came on board there was just so much else going on that there simply wasn't time to give her much screen time. But she's put her past to rest and I think she has a chance at being really happy and content for a while, which is good for her.

Jenn:  I agree.  I feel we never got to know who she was aside from her unfortunate past.  


Jenn:  Can we talk about how awesome it is that he's the woman behind the advice column?  And Denker's plan to ruin him failed and Violet loves the column? Ha!

Rebecca: I had completely forgotten about this (how could I?!) This was the funniest twist of the whole season and I adored it and the way he finally got a one-up on Denker.

What you thought about the finale overall:

Jenn:  I loved the finale, I loved that everyone got a happy ending even if it did seem a tad forced in some aspects.  I hate series finales that leave you with loose ends or disappointing endings.   I know it's not realistic but to me great television is about escapism.  I have loved all the years with the Crawley family.  I am so sad to see them go but at least we left them all on good terms.

Rebecca: Yes. I was glad that they ended it on a very high note. Each of these people have gone through many trials and tribulations (and have more in front of them as Europe begins to head toward what will be World War II). There are many who didn't make it to the finale (some of whom we miss more than others). But for those who remain, it did the series well to end with a bit of "and they all lived happily ever after." It made for a satisfying ending with a real feeling of closure.

So what did you think? What were your favorite moments from the finale or the series? Should we start a rewatch next year to revisit our friends?

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In A Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware

Nora hasn’t heard from her childhood friend Clare in years but when she unexpectedly gets an invite to Clare’s Hen Party (Bachelorette Party) a sense of nostalgia lures her to the party. Unfortunately Nora quickly regrets this decision just like those counselors in “Friday the 13th” regret their trip to trip to Camp Crystal Lake. The weekend Hen Party getaway in the woods quickly turns from a reunion with old pals to a nightmare for Nora when she awakens in a hospital with dim memories of the weekend other than the knowledge that someone was killed and flashes of violence. 

This is a great read for a rainy spring weekend.  When Nora first arrives at the cabin in the woods for the Hen Party, the way the author paints a sense of foreboding is incredible. I would’ve turned around and left the party right then and there. Piecing together the event of the party weekend turned nightmare along with Nora were thrilling and fun. It was like a puzzle; you’re trying to put together the pieces of Nora’s memories with her. I started to figure parts of the puzzle out before she did but the terrifying conclusion was still hair-raising. I recommend cozying up with “In a Dark, Dark Wood” by Ruth Ware pronto. And if someone offers you a weekend getaway at a remote cabin in the woods with no cell service, think twice! 

🌟🌟🌟🌟/5 stars

I received a free ARC of this book at BEA 2015.

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Once Upon a Time - Devil's Due

5.14 "Devil's Due"

In tonight's episode Rumple deals with some unfinished business by continuing to prove that he is a power hungry, selfish man who will always do what is in his own best interest no matter who else it might hurt. And I'm not just talking about the flashback. We also finally get the Emma/Killian reunion <3 Meanwhile Regina is dealing with some unfinished business of her own, learning about the meaning of the gravestones in the cemetery and that her first love is at peace.

Definitely a better episode than last week (though almost anything would have been tbh). ahem.

from here
I liked that we got to see more of Milah and understand her perspective a bit more. She can definitely be harsh and I'm not excusing her, but she seemed more relatable and her reasons for leaving Rumple a lot more complex.

One thing I'm not clear on though, is that if Nealfire was her unfinished business and she found out that he's moved on and she's confessed and apologized, why wasn't she able to move on? Why didn't the light appear for her? Or can it only happen in that crevice-y place? And if so, well that just stinks. She didn't deserve that fate. Oh and I'll be coming back to that in a little bit.

Rumple's explanation to Milah about her connection to Emma made me laugh because I hadn't really put those pieces together although I've certainly pondered the very bizarre and twisted family tree connections. But I hadn't realized that Emma had dated Milah's son and ex. Timey-wimey mess.

from here
I'm so happy Killian is back with Emma, but I'm also concerned over the fact that Hades just let them leave. I realize it's all caught up in the gravestones he didn't carve, but I have a really bad feeling that there is more to Hades' plan than that. (also annoyed with the next preview because for reals can we just let Emma and Killian have a single episode of not being ripped apart or breaking up with each other?)

from here
Also, how did Emma get Killian back across that tiny little beam that she almost couldn't cross on her own? Or did Rumple just poof them very conveniently?

Regina and Cruella are hilarious together. Underbrooke gave me the biggest laugh of the night I think. And Regina saying good-bye to Daniel made me so happy-sad. Also... yay that Regina has her magic back! Though I wonder if it means she's more connected to Underbrooke now.

No wait. My favorite line of the night was when flashback Rumple told the magic man "I don't know much about deals." That made me laugh right out loud.

I seriously want Belle to be less of a Rumple plot device and more of a character in her own right please. *long sigh*

And Rumple. I want one person to try to defend his treatment of Milah. I am so done with him. I don't want Belle with him. I don't want him anywhere near Henry or Emma or Killian or Snow or David or Regina. He cannot possibly redeem himself. I've been saying this for a while. Rumple is not good. He never has been and he never will be. Just because he occasionally helps someone else out doesn't mean anything, because pretty much every time he's only done it because it also benefits him in some way.

I actually do find this interesting because a big thing on Once is the redeemability of people and the fact that they can change and can turn themselves around. They can become the hero. It's pretty realistic, though, that not everyone would want to be redeemed and I guess Rumple fills that spot. So it's not that I don't want him on the show, but it's driving me crazy that anyone even tries to believe or trust him anymore.

As for that contract I think I might have found a loophole. Of course it depends what was actually agreed on, because we don't get to see the actual bargain being made. But. Wasn't the deal for a child of his and Milah's though? Not just his? When he tells Milah about the deal he says he sold "our" second born. Not "my" second born.

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Above by Isla Morley: A Review in GIFs

Blythe is a pretty typical sixteen year old. She loves her family, even when they drive her crazy, she's enjoying the first flush of love with her crush Arlo, and ready to enjoy the Horse Thieves Picnic in her hometown of Eudora, Kansas. Then she accepts a ride from the school librarian, Dobbs Hordin, and suddenly finds herself locked underground in a missile silo. Dobbs is convinced the apocalypse is coming and he's chosen her as the one to save. As the months pass Blythe begins to lose hope that she can escape or that anyone is coming to rescue her. She fights to survive Below, but will she be able to handle the changes she encounters when she finally escapes back Above?

I picked this eBook up on a whim and immediately found myself intrigued. It started out as a well-written and engaging, but fairly typical abduction story. But Isla Morley quickly twists the narrative into something much more complex, darker, and richer than anything I was anticipating. The book was so intriguing I was having a hard time articulating my feelings. Because this book gave me so many feels, guys. So many. But, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

So here is my reaction to the gifs.

Page 20:

from reactiongifs

Page 31:

from giphy

Page 41:

from reactiongifs

Page 61:

from reactiongifs

Page 101:

from reactiongifs

Page 126:

from reactiongifs

Page 163:

from reactiongifs

Page 174:

from reactiongifs

Page 179:

from reactiongifs

Page 187:

from reactiongifs

Page 207:

from reactiongifs

Page 247:

from reactiongifs

Page 297:

from giphy

Page 310:

from reactiongifs

Page 330:

from reactiongifs

Page 348:

from reactiongifs

Page 360:

from giphy
As you can see this book took me through the roller coaster of emotions. A fascinating read and look at humanity, home, belonging, and hope.

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Once Upon a Time - Labor of Love

5.13 "Labor of Love"

I have not been so angry at this show basically ever. I'm so mad I can barely even type. I have been frustrated and annoyed, but I am spitting mad right now.

*deep breath*
Tonight's episode we meet Hercules or, as he prefers, Herc (*gagging noises*) who apparently helped make Snow the super cool archer swaggering around the enchanted forest. Snow was also apparently a very quick study. And now Snow (who no longer wants to be called Mary Margaret (because approximately none of us have called her that since season 1)) has to help "Herc" finish his labors so he can move on to Olympus. Meanwhile poor baby Hook is getting tortured by a very unfunny and non-sassy Hades and Henry is making deals with Cruella.

What I liked:

Seeing Emma Caulfield again as the Hansel and Gretel witch because Emma Caulfield is hilarious.

from here
This exchange between Charming and Snow -
Charming: You...knew Hercules?
Snow: we were friends when we were kids.
Charming: Define friends

Regina trusting Robin so much that she puts Henry's safety in his hands. All the feels.

from here
Hook being his sassy confident self (though looking horrible and making me sad) and learning that he actually heard Emma and is so sure she will come save him <3 I mean when he said, "When you love someone, you know" I was all melty and I just need Emma to save him right now please and thank you and they can go be happy together for a while before the next disaster hits right? I mean, pete's sake, even Rumple got a honeymoon.

What confused me:

How did Snow manage to get out of the palace to run off into the woods without a single guard following her. Seriously the security in these places is so lax it's no wonder people keep dying and evil witches gain control.

Where did Snow get the forest clothes? And why would she think that breaking the bow would help? I mean, wouldn't you need it off in the woods?

What made me angry:

Okay, so I get remixing and adding and retelling. I mean, that's what this show does. And if they want to dive into the world of myth in addition to fable, well, I guess we should have seen this coming.

from here
I was trying to figure out why I was getting so angry, though, and I think I figured it out. Fairy tales have so many different variations that we expect them to be mixed and changed. I mean the Cinderella story has how many variations? But the Greek myths are fairly static - there aren't five different versions of how Heracles defeated the Nemean lion. So for them to change the myth completely rubs the wrong way in a way that the fairy tale remix doesn't.

I mean, repurposing the characters and coming up with new stories I could get behind, but changing the existing stories, like the defeating of the Nemean lion? Not cool.

AND even if you want to stay away from the myths and just consider it in light of the Disney movies, because they were obviously playing that way with the blue Hades hair and *shudders* Megara (but we will get there in a moment) EVEN THEN the choices make no sense at ALL.

For one thing, the casting on Hades might have been pretty good, but the writing for him. No. If you are playing with the Disney Hercules Hades then he should be about a hundred times sassier and maybe he was vindictive, but there is a cold, really dark cruelty to this Hades that just doesn't sit right at all to me.

from here
And finally. Megara. *screams a thousand screams*

I adore Megara in the Hercules movie. She is snarky and sarcastic and puts on a cool, composed bravado even when (especially when) she is afraid. I didn't even know who she was supposed to be until she said her name because this Megara was basically the complete antithesis of that one. This one is snivelling in a corner, runs terrified continually, being very much the completely helpless damsel in distress (did they even remember the line where Meg in the movie pointedly makes fun of this trope!?) *gags* AND even when she gets rescued by Hercules she's sweet and simpering in a way that would have made the real Megara roll her eyes and make gagging noises herself.

I just want to forget this episode ever happened. If you want me I'll be washing my eyes.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Little Lit: After by Amy Efaw

Devon Davenport was driven to succeed. She played soccer every spare moment, excelled in school, and vowed that she would never be like her mother. Then The Night happens and now Devon's in jail facing charges after her baby is found in the garbage outside her apartment.What could have brought her to this point? And can she face what happened or will she end up forfeiting her future as well?

What I Liked:

  • I found myself confused at the beginning, but Efaw crafts the story that way very intentionally. As Devon deals with what happened and slowly comes to remember and work through the events that led her to this point, we learn it along with her and I found it an effective way of drawing our sympathy to Devon's point of view.
  • I was nervous for the ending, but Efaw ends it on a perfect note, especially for Devon's personal journey.
What I Would Have Liked:
  • Just a little less chaos in the narration. I did like the way the writing echoed Devon's internal struggle, but there were a few times that it was just a little too scattered or confusing for me. Not much, just a bit.
  • More of Devon's mother. I understand why it played out the way it did, but she kind of ended up feeling superfluous. Which might have been intentional, but she was in it just little enough to make me feel a little frustrated.
  • This was a really tough topic to deal with and Efaw does a really great job of exploring the reasons behind one imaginary, but realistic, instance of attempted infanticide. It could easily have gotten too dark or too glib, but Efaw merely unfolds Devon's perspective and thoughts and allows the readers to draw their own conclusions.
  • People who like YA fiction that deals with gritty, serious issues should enjoy this.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Once Upon a Time - Souls of the Departed

5.12 "Souls of the Departed"

After our long hiatus we are back in the land of fairy tales and ridiculousness! Let's dive right into tonight's episode.

Tonight our intrepid travelers made their way into the Underworld where we, fortunately, find that not everyone will be there. Unfortunately, the people who will be there are people with unfinished business, which means that people we won't want to see are more likely to pop up. A flashback shows us more about Regina's battle with Cora as Regina in the present has to face up to what she did to her father. Rumple stomps around making vague threats to leave while not actually doing so, and Snow gets kissed by David's evil twin.

from here
I was so happy to see Neal and to learn that he's not in the Underworld. That was purely there for the fans and I am so grateful that they put it in. However, I didn't understand why Emma didn't explain about Neal to Henry the first time he talked about it.

I was a bit surprised to get the Regina flashback and I'm really super confused about the timeline on things. I guess I haven't paid close enough attention. Part of me is curious as to Cora's story, but most of me doesn't care, especially if it means the return of Zelena.
ALL the tears
from here

It was nice to see Regina 1) make the right choice based on the living people in her life 2) get some closure with her father 3) get to introduce Henry to Henry.

from here
Having James back will be interesting, but mostly because I love when the actors get to branch out and play different characters. I was also pleased to see Pan again because I think that actor did such a great job. I am nervous about what Pan is expecting from Rumple and how long Rumple will last before turning against them. I also thought he was going to leave - didn't he say he'd meet them at the boat? - but then he was still there making more vague threats. He promised to help find Hook and hasn't done that yet, so I wonder if that is holding him there.

And can we just talk for a minute about the way
Regina and Robin were so quick to protect Henry
And how Henry just trusted them and clung to them
from here
I want to know why the potion didn't work completely for Hook. Is it because of where and how he is trapped? I thought it was the potion, but then Regina used it on her father's grave, so that doesn't seem to hold water. Also, though, if they still had more potion left, why didn't they try AGAIN?

And was anyone else creeped out by pervy Jiminy Cricket crawling around in Snow's dress?

from here
And finally, Hades? Really? I mean I guess I should have seen that coming. The funny thing is that I thought the guy looked familiar, but it wasn't until the blue flame that I realized who he reminded me of and once again the casting is eerily well done.

I'm not sure what I think about the introduction of the myths into this fairy tale world though. I mean, obviously the movie Hercules is a Disney movie, but the Disney Hercules isn't exactly like the actual mythical Heracles and it looks like they're going to be bringing in Cerberus and maybe other things? I'm not sure about it.

Also, if they really try to run around and save all of the people in limbo ... let's just say that's going to get really old really quickly.