Sunday, March 6, 2016

Downton Abbey 6.8

Rebecca T: I can't believe tonight is the finale!

Jenn N: I know!! It came so fast. Speaking of fast, Mary up and married the race car driver over what - 3 days?!!

Rebecca T: I know, right? I sort of started to see some of the chemistry, but not enough for them to just up and marry like that! There are so many differences, even if you don't count their "credentials" (as Violet put it).

Jenn N: I still don't get what they've got in common or why he's "perfect" for her as the family says but I guess we had to get her hitched before the show ended.

Rebecca T: I guess. It's driving me a little crazy that there seems to be this push to pair everyone off before it ends. I mean, it makes sense in some cases, but this just seemed really forced and, as you pointed out, extremely rushed! If nothing else I am really disappointed that Mary didn't talk with him about the race car driving. That is a massive issue that they needed to hash out in some way before committing their lives to each other!

Jenn N: Mrs. Patmore and her house of "ill repute" cracked me up. I agree that adultery is wrong but boy did  they  take it seriously in those days.

Rebecca T: I was so glad the family took steps to help her overcome the reputation, but I kind of felt like, really? Can't anything good just happen for any of the characters ever? Also, I have loved Carson, but this season he is getting on my very last nerve. Of course, he does have a good influence on Mary (most of the time).

Jenn N: Mary knew she was wrong to blurt out the truth about Marigold otherwise she wouldn't have asked Carson to leave the room. Mary should take note, if you wouldn't say it in front of Carson; don't say it at all.

Rebecca T: Exactly. Also, I seriously couldn't believe Mary did that. Especially after she destroyed Edith's marriage prospects back in, what, season 1? The fact that she can be so cruel and then lie about it afterward - that's the reason I can never really appreciate the good things she does, like her support of Anna. I was just glad that both Tom and Edith managed to give her the dressing down she deserved. And I really hope that Bertie comes around. They really are perfect for each other!

Jenn N: I thought it was more than generous of Edith to show up got the wedding after what Mary did.

Rebecca T: Definitely! She is so much the better person and I honestly don't think Mary would have been able to figure out how to offer the olive branch no matter how much she wanted to. Edith's little speech was so beautiful. A couple of other quick thoughts I had: I can't believe Thomas tried to commit suicide! He seems to have had a real epiphany about himself and I do hope he can turn things around. And speaking of turning things around, as a teacher myself, I loved seeing Mr. Molesely figure out how to reach his students. I think he'll grow to be a great teacher. And finally, Spratt is Cassandra Jones! That is the funniest thing of all time.

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