Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica

Heidi disrupts her entire life and the life of her teenage daughter Zoe and husband Chris, when her “do-gooder,” nature compels her to take in Willow, a homeless teenage runaway with a baby, into her family home. 

The fact that this novel was told through three different points of view (Heidi’s, Willow’s, and Chris’) is what saved this novel for me. I had a really hard time identifying with Heidi. I understood her desire to want to help people but couldn’t justify why she put everyone else, including herself, above her own family. I really sympathized with Chris’ point of view as he seemed to agree with most of my thoughts of the whole situation. To say too much about Willow’s point of view would spoil the whole mystery of the how’s and why’s that led her to cross paths with Heidi. I would’ve really enjoyed some sections from Zoe’s point of view. This was a well-written intriguing story. It’s not just a mystery but a deeper story of a family in crisis. A good read for a lazy Sunday that will have you mulling on it all week. 


Thanks to the folks at Harlequin/Mira for providing me with this ARC at BEA 2015. 

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