Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Laydown Lowdown

It's the last Tuesday in July!! I can't believe it, I wish the Summer would last forever but it's 2/3 over.  Instead of crying, I'm going to savor August and console myself with some great books such as today's new reads.

My personal favorite this week is "The Mistress," by Tiffany Reisz, the fourth and fabulous installment in her deeply romantic and erotic "Original Sinners" series.  Please check out my full review tomorrow and I'll let you know where you can try and score some awesome "Original Sinners" prizes.

Other new releases in Romance today include "And Then Comes Marriage," by Celeste Bradley,  "A Knight to Remember," by Christina Dodd," "Crystal Cove," by Lisa Kleypas, "The Scarletti Curse," by Christine Feehan, and "Perfect Fling," by Carly Phillips.

Over in Mystery/Thriller, you'll uncover Linda Fairstein's latest crime procedural novel, "Death Angel," as well as "The Highway," by CJ Box, and "Hard Road," by J.B. Turner.

Swing by Science Fiction/Fantasy for "A Conspiracy of Alchemists," the first in Liesel Schwarz's new "Chronicles of Light and Shadow" series.  You'll also find "Magic Rises," by Ilona Andrews, "Dancing with the Devil," by Keri Arthur, and "Kitty in the Underworld," by Carrie Vaughn.

James Patterson's latest "Witch and Wizard" novel, "The Fire" debuts today with the help of new co-author, Jill Dembowski.  "Seven Minutes in Heaven," the sixth novel in Sara Shepard's "Lying Game" series is also available in Young Adult today along with "Earthbound," by Aprilynne Pike, and "Bubble World," by Carol Snow.

What book(s) will make your "to-read" list this week?!  Please share with us and Happy Reading.  Remember to support your local bookstores whenever possible. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sundays with Neubie the Truebie (Episode 66 "Don't You Feel Me")

So, if you didn't get to see last week's episode and you're wondering which character died, I'm going to spare you from reading until the end of the post to find out.  Last week, I was so nervous for Pam and Bill's welfare that I spent about 45 minutes nearly biting my nails.  I'm a big germaphobe so I wouldn't actually bite my nails but when I get really anxious I do this weird thing where I make a fist and hold it in front of my mouth.  Yeah, I'm weird.

Anyway, Terry was killed last week.  I didn't suspect it because it seemed so obvious.  He asked to be killed and he was killed.  Arlene tried to intervene but her and Holly's method of helping Terry backfired.  Holly suggested she call a friend of a friend who is a vampire to glamour Terry into forgetting all about the war, thus erasing his memories, PTSD, and killing Patrick.  Now, I wish we could all get that smoke demon story from last season glamoured out of our memories.  Unfortunately, the glamouring was so successful that Terry not only forgot about the war but he forgot that he asked his former fellow soldier to kill him.  And that's presumably who shot Terry outside of Merlotte's.

Back and vamp camp, Pam and Eric exchanged some words but then turned their anger to the vamp camp guards and killed them, foiling Sarah's master plan for one of them to kill the other.  Willa begged her father to take her out of solitary confinement and put her in with the general population.  Jason was successful in infiltrating the compound despite being seen by Sarah.  He threatened to out their prior relationship if she didn't let him stay in the compound. Sarah then set it up so that Jessica would be one of the vampires in a sexual study that she made Jason watch.  Sarah's plan was again foiled when the male vamp refused to engage in sexual activity with Jessica.  Later Burrell tried to make Eric suffer by making him watch as Nora was injected with Hep. V, a strain of hepatitis that is fatal to vampires.

Meanwhile, Bill sensed Sookie's distress and allowed Ben, since it was daylight, to go rescue Sookie from a possessed Lafayette.  Ben stunned Lafayette with faerie light and sent him home to heal.  Sookie didn't want Ben to return to Bill as she feared for his safety there so the two went off to Faery.

Bill then went to check on Jessica and discovered that she wasn't home.  He then thought back to his visions and realized she must have been taken.  In attempt to learn more about Lilith and what he must do to save the vampire race, he asked the doctor to drain him so he could be in a comatose state and then put his blood back the next day.  Bill is able to see Lilith and she gives him a very cryptic message and tells him not to contact her again.  When he awakens he drank a full vial of Warlow's blood and headed out into the sun with a mission.  Bill stunned the governor and his security team when he showed up in the daytime.  Bill promptly used his powers to manipulate the security team into killing themselves and then he beheaded Sen. Burrell.  He then stormed into the facility at the show's close.  Elsewhere inside, Eric, Willa and a very sickly Nora attempted to make their escape.

After Emma became upset over not seeing her grandmother (why she doesn't seem more upset over her mother's death is baffling) Sam concedes, and calls Martha to pick her granddaughter up. They happily reunite and Martha promised Sam she'd stay clear of the pack, that it'd be just her and Emma now.  
Sam and Nicole headed for parts unknown when Alcide caught up with them and he told Sam that if he ever returned to Bon Temps or Shreveport that the pack would kill him.  I really don't understand why Alcide is so angry.  He's really a d-bag this season.

I'm kind of confused over were Sam's storyline is headed.  Hopefully he'll challenge Alcide's warning and head back home.  He'll sure have to clean up a mess over at Merlotte's.  A shooting in the parking lot can't be good for business.

Up in Faery, Ben asked Sookie to tie him up.  No, he wasn't being kinky.  He apparently feared that he'd be unable to resist feeding on her when night fell as he hadn't fed in awhile.  Sookie complied and the two chatted. Later, Sookie told Ben that everyone thinks she is a "danger whore," so she was embracing it.  She then untied him, stripped for him, let him feed off her and she fed of him.  Then she unbuttoned his pants and mounted him as a big ball of faery light embraced them.  Other than the obvious F, I really don't WTF was going on.

What did you guys think?  Share with me!  I'd love to chat more but there is a thunderstorm coming and it's going to kick me off the internet any minute now....

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Laydown Lowdown

The Prince of Cambridge may have been born yesterday but Phillipa Gregory is is devoted to royals of the past.  Her latest, "The White Princess," is a fictional account of the merging of the House of York and the House of Tudor in 1485 England.
There are many other new releases today but oddly nothing new in Romance.

Over in Mystery you'll find "Light of the World," by James Lee Burke, "First Frost," by James Henry, "Unleashed," by David Rosenfelt, and "The Seventh Trumpet," by Peter Tremayne.

Moving to Science Fiction/Fantasy, you'll discover "Three Parts Dead," by Max Gladstone, "Two Fronts," the fifth "The War That Came Early," novel by Harry Turtledove, and "The Black Prism," by Brent Weeks.

Finally, in Young Adult, "A Darkness Strange and Lovely," by Susan Dennard, "Of Beast and Beauty," by Stacey Jay and "The Heartbreak Messenger," by Alexander Vance are available today.

Will any of these new reads make your "to-read" list?  Happy Reading and remember to support your local bookstores whenever possible.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sundays with Neubie the Truebie (Episode 65 "F**k the Pain Away")

Last week's episode picked up right where the previous episode had left off.  Benlow had fallen right into Sookie's trap.  As things were getting hot, heavy and horizontal between them on the couch, she threatened to kill Benlow with a ball of faerie light.  Ben backed down and tried to calmly tell Sookie that she and him are soulmates, and that he's been waiting thousands of years to find her.  Sookie, found this hard to believe (as do I) and asked him if he felt this way, then why did he kill her parents.  Benlow explained that her parents were afraid of her and tried to kill her so he intervened and killed them that fateful night on the bridge.  Sookie still didn't believe him and the two argued.

Across the yard at the Compton residence, Bill dealt with Jess who was high on faerie blood and distraught over presumably killing Andy's fae children.  Bill told Jess to go upstairs and sleep it off.  Unfortunately he didn't have time to care for her as he sensed Sookie's distress and had a vision of Lilith turning Warlow and ran over to Sookie's. 

Sookie thought Bill had come to rescue her, and in a way I believe he did, as Bill speaking through Lilith as Warlow's maker, commanded Benlow to come home with him.

Meanwhile Jess was in hiding when Andy showed up at Bill's to confront him and found his poor girls presumably dead on the floor.  He found a pulse on #4 and promptly carried her away while his heart broke over leaving the others behind.   He took #4 to the station where he fed her some vampire blood that he pilfered out of the evidence room.  He was relieved when she came to and vowed to get revenge for the deaths of the other three.

Senator Burrell was also having a rough night.  After his newly turned daughter Willa tried to bite him, his girlfriend Sarah Newlin felt it best that the girl be whisked off to vamp camp.  The senator relented and for some reason Sarah though this would be good time to tell him how much she wanted to get married and have children with him.  Needless to say, this conversation did not end well.  The Senator left to attend to business and Sarah fled the mansion and headed to Jason's house.  Fresh of his wild dreams about Benlow and determined to get those thoughts out of his mind, Jason just couldn't pass up Sarah's wild flirtations.  The two quickly got busy.  Things got complicated however when Jess showed up his house, still high and despondent.  Jason tries to console her but Sarah called the LAVTF to haul Jessica in to vamp camp.  Sarah and Jason argued and Jason was determined to rescue Jess.

Jessica wasn't the only new detainee at vamp camp.  After Tara told Eric that the LAVTF had taken Pam, the two surrendered to the facility in an attempt to rescue her. Unfortunately, none of the other vampire inmates would admit to having seen her.  Tara did find Jess and Tara stepped up to protect her when she declined her blood ration and other inmates tried to swoop in.

Meanwhile, Pam was getting a tour of the facility and it's various experiments which included fang extraction and sexual experiments. Pam tried to get in on the latter but was told she hadn't reached a high enough level.  Instead she was told, they wanted to study how she thinks and forced her to sit down with a psychiatrist in exchange for her compliance she could feed off a human.  The psychiatrist asked her a lot of questions about her feelings especially those towards her maker.  Pam admitted that she doesn't really think about others.  In fact she cared more about the tuna the psychiatrist had eaten than his own life.  Her maker, she admitted was different.  She went on to explain how Eric had released and claimed that she was initially hurt but had moved on and didn't care anymore. 

The next day, Merlotte's was a happen' place.  Lafayette chided Sookie for showing up at her place of employment but yet again not for work.  Seriously, when was the last time this girl actually worked?  Anyway, Sookie asked Lafayette for his help as a medium to call on her parents to get the story of what actually happened the night of the accident that killed her parents.  Over in a booth, Terry had met up with an old war buddy and asked him to kill him.  Apparently he can't stop thinking about how he had to kill Patrick and doesn't think he can on but he doesn't have the nerve to do himself in.  His friend agreed to help him.  Fortunately, Arlene interrupted this conversation and while she didn't overhear it, she definitely noticed that something was off.  Hopefully she'll be able to intervene before Terry is killed.

Back at Bill's, Benlow refuses to try to help Bill and and explains why he hates vampires.  Through flashbacks we see how Lilith turned Warlow from a happy fae man with a big family to a vampire and killer.  Once he was turned, Warlow returned to his fae clan and fed on his parents and killed most of the tribe.  He only stopped when he saw Niall who was just a small child at this time.

Sam and Nicole woke up in their hotel room and it's not clear if anything more than a kiss and some sleep happened between them.  Nicole wanted to call her parents but Sam told her that she couldn't as the wolves were on the hunt for them.  Alcide went to various were bars looking for information. He came up empty handed but did run into his father.   Jackson questioned his son's motives in looking for Emma and Sam.  He wanted Alcide to explain if he really felt it was in Emma's best interests if she be taken from Sam or is he just following crazy Rikki's directives.  Alcide told his dad that he was his own wolf and could think for himself.  He then ordered his father out of his life.  Alcide is acting like a total d-bag if you ask me. 

Over at vamp camp, Eric and Pam's feelings for each were put to the test.  Eric was put into a circular room with a large stake.  He is to fight in a death match with the competitor who enters the room.  He is stunned to see Pam enter the room as she seemed equally stunned to see him.  However, these two weren't the only ones in mortal peril last week. 

Later at Sookie's Lafayette came over to try and summon the Stackhouse's to help Sookie find out what exactly happened all those years ago.  Through Lafayette, Corbett explained that Ben came to their home when Sookie was just a little girl and explained how she was meant to be his and that he intended to take her with him.  If not that day then soon.  Corbett panicked and told Michelle that it was best they just wait until Sookie fell asleep and then drive the car off the bridge.  He believed that drowning her would save her from a lifetime of misery at the hands of Warlow.  Lafayette then became overcome by Corbett's spirit and declared they must finish the job today.  He must've also taken in some super strength because he was able to maneuver Sookie outside and into the trunk of the car where he drove down by the water and then dragged her off the to the river where he held her head under water as the episode came to a close.

Rumor has it that a major character will be killed off tonight.  I don't want any of the major characters to get killed off especially my favorites Bill and Pam.  However, I think that Jason will get killed tonight while trying to save Jessica.  What do you guys think?  Share here and if I'm wrong and Pam meets the truth death tonight, please leave me some love here because I love that girl. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

10 Things I Loved About Tuesdays at the Castle and Wednesdays in the Tower

I picked up the first book on a whim and savored it. I loved it so much, but I thought it was a stand-alone novel. So when the second book arrived at the book store I shrieked and danced in the kid's department. Seriously. Without further ado... 10 things I loved about Tuesdays in the Castle and Wednesdays in the Tower by Jessica Day George!

  1. The Castle is a character. I LOVE when authors make the setting so integral to the plot, but George puts a complete spin on this by making the Castle basically a living entity that creates and changes rooms and spaces both according to need and according to its own temper. I also love the way that it often knows things the other characters don't.
  2. Celie. She has spunk, she's smart, she's quirky, she's caring, and she just wants to find where she belongs in her family. She's a princess, but she's a girl first who is growing up and trying to find and understand her own talents and feelings.
  3. The family dynamic. It felt real. They loved each other, which was really nice, but they also had their differences and sometimes argued or didn't get along. But they are always there for each other when it comes down to it.
  4. Pogue. No spoilers, but I found his character quite interesting and entertaining, particularly in the second book.
  5. Prince Lulath. I really can't say more without giving things away, but I loved his character.
  6. Intrigue! Plots! Assassinations! Okay, it looks weird to be excited about these, but I liked the very real threat they found themselves in (in both books, but particularly the first one).
  7. The mysterious behavior of the Castle in the second book. Things just keep getting stranger and stranger (dare I say curiouser and curiouser :)
  8. Cartography! Celie draws up the map of the Castle, changing, adding, adjusting as the Castle changes. When this is taken away from her, it is literally painful to her and I really liked the way that her talent in this developed through the two books and how she stands up for herself and for her skills.
  9. SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER for the first book. I really love Bran in the second book. I loved the way he trusted and helped Celie and believed in her enough to keep the secret and support her.
  10. CLIFFHANGER. So the first book ended with a nice wrap-up. Not so with the second. I am on tenterhooks waiting for the next one!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Laydown Lowdown

Most of us are probably working today but if you're not, it's a great day to hit the beach with one of these great new reads.  Those working like me will have to wait until after hours to check these out.

Over in Mystery, you'll discover "Hen of the Baskervilles," by Donna Andrews, "Nearer Home," by Joy Castro, "Massacre Pond," by Paul Doiron," and "Countdown City," the second book in the "Last Policeman" series by Ben Winters.

There aren't many new releases in Romance today.  There is the sweet "A Place in the Country," by Elizabeth Adler, and on the opposite end of the Romance spectrum, we have  "Fling: a BDSM Erotic Anthology," by Sara Faukes, Cathryn Fox, and Lauren Hawkeye.

Science Fiction/Fantasy will be delighted to find "New Earth," by Ben Bova, "Witch Wraith: The Dark Legacy of Shannara," by Terry Brooks, "Mist," by Susan Krinard, and "Storm Riders," by Margaret Weis and Robert Krammes.

Finally, Young Adult readers can look for "Imperfect Spiral," by Debbie Levy, "No Easy Way Out," by Dayna Lorentz, and "Belladonna," by Fiona Paul on shelves today.

Will any of these books make  your "to-read" list?  Remember to support your local bookstores whenever possible. Happy Reading!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sundays with Neubie the Truebie (Episode 64, "At Last")

Last week's episode provided us with some major reveals but still left us with even more questions.  Tonight's episode will mark the halfway point of what has been a wonderful season.  I can't wait to see how last week's revelations play out through the remainder of the season.

Not surprisingly, Ben was revealed to be Warlow.  While Sookie went to call 911 to come to ailing Jason's aid, Ben sprouted his fangs and gave Jason a bit of his blood.  Sookie was shocked when she returned to the room and Jason greeted her as if nothing ever happened.

Meanwhile Niall interrogated Nora about her interest in Warlow unbeknownst to them, Warlow was inside the house.  Nora explained her belief that Warlow is the one who must fight to save the vampire kind against Lilith.  Nora didn't get to explain much more as Niall's faerie scent got to her and Niall flung her with his light power when she tried to bite him.

Despite his rapid recovery, Sookie demanded that her brother got to bed.  Jason soon had an erotic dream about Ben and woke up screaming.  He then had an awkward conversation with Niall who informed him that the fae can't manipulate dreams the way vampire blood can and the two realized that Ben must actually be Warlow.  In an attempt to protect Sookie, the duo head off to try to fight Ben/Warlow alone.

Unfortunately, there attack plan falls apart when Ben used his super strong light power against Niall and glamours Jason into fleeing the scene while erasing his memory of the event.  Ben then drained Niall but curiously spit his blood out.  He then dragged him to the bridge where Sookie's parents were killed.  Niall had a bit of strength left and ask Ben why he was doing this and if they were kin.  Ben confessed they were once neighbors and that he constantly battles the light and the dark ever since he was turned.  He further confessed to killing his own parents but could never kill a child.  His comment about not killing a child was an odd thing to say and makes you wonder if Ben and Niall are more than just loosely related fae kin but may indeed be more direct family relations.  However, kin or no kin, Ben tossed Niall into a portal that sounded like some kind of fae hell.

Meanwhile, Sookie went to straighten up her living room and discovered blood on the floor.  Proving that she has actually learned something over the years, she questioned where the blood came from.  She then used her fae light power to manipulate it the way Niall showed her and she discovered that the blood has the same properties as Warlow's.   Sookie put two and two together and figured out that Ben is really Warlow.  She then came up with own plan to kill him herself.    Sookie invited him over for a home cooked meal with a smile that implied there'd be something besides sweets for deserts.  She sprinkled his meal with some liquid silver but it didn't seem to affect him.   After dinner she led him to the couch where things quickly escalated from a kiss to some hot horizontal action.  Unfortunately for Benlow, she told him to get off her, called him Warlow and told him it was over for him as she manifested the light ball over his back.  We'll have to see how things work out tonight....

Elsewhere in Bon Temps, blood made trouble for Jess and Bill.  Jess helped Bill kidnap Andy's girls who have now grown to teenagers.  Bill used a nifty little wrist cuff to siphon some blood from the girls to give to Mr. Takahashi whom he has imprisioned in his basement lab.  Unfortunately, Mr. Takahashi doesn't believe he can synthesize the fae blood as it changes faster than he can examine it.  This doesn't sit well with Bill and he tells an alarmed Mr. Takahashi that he will just get more samples.  However, they are soon startled to hear screaming coming from the main floor of the house.  Apparently, poor Jessica couldn't resist the sweet fae blood and the four fae girls are sprawled across the floor seemingly drained as a distraught Jess sobs and begs Bill to tell here they're OK.  They don't look so good and I'm not a fan of the fae especially these girls who used there telepathy powers to mock poor Terry but for Jess' sake and the sake of Bill's study, I hope they're OK.

A friend of mind called Bill a "jerk."  I defended him by explaining that he is just doing what he believes is best to save the vampire race.  He really meant Andy's girl's no harm.

In what was one of the most shocking parts of the episode (for me) Eric decided to turn Willa into a vampire.  When Willa awakens she is overcome by her new powers and asks Eric if they'll get to consumate their new maker/progeny relationship.  She is devastated when Eric orders her to go home to her father.  She believes he just used her to get to her father.  Eric told her that he has only made one other vampire in his 1000 years so she should be honored and that she must convince her father to stop his assault on vampires.  While I understand his reasoning, I was shocked that Eric turned her because in the books, Eric also has two progeny Pam and Karin.  However, we didn't learn of Karin's existence until this last book, "Dead Ever After."  Pam and Karin are also very similar in that they are both strong willed, independent blondes.  Karin is also known as Karin the Slaughter for her seemingly merciless killing style.  I can't picture Willa ever being as strong as Pam or Karin and Willa just doesn't seem like Eric's type.  Willa seems pretty high maintenence.

Speaking of high maintenence, whiny Tara argued with Pam about their next move.  There bickering prompts Tara to run off which catches the eye of the government's anti-vampire task force but it's Pam who gets picked up by the crew and not Tara.  Now it's been rumored that a major character will die this season, if Tara's whining and stupidity is what causes Pam's death, I will be really pissed. Of course, stupid decisions and making a mess of things seem to be Tara's MO.

Sam also made some questionable decisions.  After the fight with Alcide's pack he rescued Nicole and rode to safety once he shifted into horse form.  They found refuge at a motel and put little Emma to bed.  Nicole was still stunned by her friends deaths at the hands of the pack and Sam was still stunned by the events of the past few days since Luna's deaths.  For some reason, this didn't stop Sam and Nicole from making out.  I really don't understand that type of logic or lack thereof.  I hope Emma doesn't wake up and see it.

It was another drama filled week!  What do you guys think?  What would you like to see happen?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Laydown Lowdown

It's the second week of July already. I don't know about you but this summer is flying by way to fast for me.  Perhaps it's a good time to pause and relax with a good book.  Perhaps one of this week's new reads will do the trick.

"Bombshell," Catherine Coulter's 17th installment in the "FBI" series lands on Mystery/Thriller shelves today along with "Visitation Street," by Ivy Pochoda, "The Last Whisper in the Dark," by Tom Piccirilli, and "The Twelth Department," by William Ryan.

This week is light on the summer lovin' with just two new romances today.  "True Love," by Jude Deveraux and "In Search of My Soulmate," by Lula Johnson are released today.

Over in Science Fiction/Fantasy, you'll find "The Glass God," by Kate Griffin, "The Secret of Abu El Yezdi," by Mark Hodder, and "The Executioner's Heart," by George Mann.

Finally, over in Young Adult, Lauren Barnholdt has the "Right of Way," with the sequel to "Two Way Street."  Other new releases in the genre include "Half Lives," by Sara Grant and "Butterfly," by Sonya Hartnett.

Are any of these books on your to-read list?  What are you reading this summer?  Share with us and remember to support your local bookstores whenever possible. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sundays with Neubie the Truebie (Episode 63, "You're No Good)

Happy Truebie Sunday everyone!  It's hotter than Bon Temps here in New York.  Let's take a look at what sort of trouble our friends got into last week.

Eric must've caught a case of stupid from Jason or perhaps as Pam suggested, he's just blindsided by Willa's beauty.  Eric took the governor's daughter to Fangtasia where Pam wanted to kill and Tara thought it best they just return her to daddy.  With the feds closing in, Eric commanded Pam and Tara to gather whatever possessions they had and they fled for "safety" at Ginger's house.  The poor dimwit thought Eric was finally here for the shag he once promised her.  Instead he charmed his way in with Willa, Pam and Tara.  Eric and Willa shared a coffin while Pam and Tara had to make due in a dirt hole.  Willa took advantage of the close quarters, attempted to seduce Eric and told him that she hated her father as much as he does.  Willa told Eric that her father embezzled money from a highway project to build a vampire "camp" where they are imprisoned and studied. 

For some stupid reason that must've only made sense to Ginger, she answered Eric's "untraceable" phone.  The feds with their new technology was able to trace the call and the governor and his entourage are hot on Eric, Pam, Willa, and Tara's heels as they flee Ginger's home.

Over in Shreveport, Alcide, his girlfriend Rikki, and Emma's grandmother Martha try to hide the little girl from the inquiring police.  Emma initially refused to shift but after some harsh words from Rikki, she complies and the police, leave.  Later, Nicole and the members of the Vampire Unity Society are apparently also suffering from a case of stupid as they tried to speak to Alcide and the wolf pack about supporting their cause and coming out.  What could've been just a peaceful discussion turned violent when Rikki antagonized the group and a wild and deadly fight broke out.  This worked out in Sam's favor as the shifter was an owl in a nearby tree and the fight proved to be the perfect distraction for him to shift back to human form and rescue Emma.  However, Sam's good heart prompted him to try and rescue an injured Nicole.  We'll have to see how that works out tonight.

Back in Bon Temps, Bill believes his new powers will enable him to walk in the sun.  He is quickly proven wrong as he promptly proven wrong as he is promptly engulfed in flames at sun up.  Thankfully, Jessica was there at the door to smother the flames when he came running back in the house.  Once he recovered, he told Jessica about his plans to meet the man who synthesized blood to make Tru Blood.  Bill believes that synthesizing faerie blood could help the vampires win their fight.  He sends Jessica to get tarted up to seduce the man who can synthesize the blood to their home while Bill go find a faerie for a blood sample.  Now, just where will Bill find one?

Across the yard, Bill asks Sookie to invite him.  She declined but Bill is able to walk right in, apparently he has another new power.  He describes his plan and asks for a sample of her blood.  She declined and he told her she was "dead to him."  Jason tried to defend and comfort his sister but Bill telekenetically shoves Jason out of the way and he falls down the stairs as Bill leaves.  

Meanwhile, Niall was trying to find Warlow.  He entered the faerie portal and was horrified to discover that a vampire, presumable Warlow and broken and killed all the fae at the club.  Upon exiting the portal, Warlow found Ben who apparently took an entire day to find the portal just down the road.  Niall told Ben about the horrors inside the club and took the halfling back to Sookie's house.  

Elsewhere, the vampire "camp" is receiving it's newest inmate, Steve Newlin.  Steve's has been visibly assaulted and is near tears when his ex-wife Sarah enters the room.  He thinks she's come to rescue him but of course, she's not and she promptly tells him that she is one of the politicians working for this place and that their old dreams when they were involved with the Fellowship of the Sun are coming true.

They find Nora outside.  She had been hiding out there looking for Warlow.  The faeries get into a scuffle with Nora.  Jason and Sookie came out of the house to investigate the commotion where Jason has another wicked headache and falls to his knees.  Nora runs off as Ben and Niall come to Jason's aid.  

After trying to patch things up by taking Holly to his childhood fort, Andy discovers Bill out after curfew.  Bill is in full southern gentleman mode and tells Andy he was just heading home.  Bill spots the toys in the back of the squad car and Andy mentions that he has half fae daughters.  What do you bet Andy will come to regret that revelation?!  Bill told Andy to appreciate his girls as he headed home with a gleam in his eye.  

Yikes!  There was a lot of fighting going on.  I understand why Sookie is angry with Bill but I don't understand why she would give him just a little bit of her blood so he could try to have it synthesized.  I found that to be rather selfish on her part.  I don't think Bill means any harm.  I think he truly believes he can save the vampire race and if a little bit of fae blood could help him, what is the harm?

I also think Ben is too good to be true.  I found it odd that it took him a whole day to even get near the fae portal.  And her knows just the perfect things to say to get Sookie to like him, he's just too perfect.  I wonder if he is actually Warlow? 

As for Jason and his headaches, I think they stem from more than him getting hit in the head a lot.  In the books, Sookie's fae cousin Dermott is identical to Jason and she couldn't even tell them apart initially.  Dermott also suffers from brain damage.  So, I'm wondering if the Jason we are seeing isn't really Jason but rather Dermott.

What do you all think?  Share you thoughts below!