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Sundays with Neubie the Truebie (Episode 65 "F**k the Pain Away")

Last week's episode picked up right where the previous episode had left off.  Benlow had fallen right into Sookie's trap.  As things were getting hot, heavy and horizontal between them on the couch, she threatened to kill Benlow with a ball of faerie light.  Ben backed down and tried to calmly tell Sookie that she and him are soulmates, and that he's been waiting thousands of years to find her.  Sookie, found this hard to believe (as do I) and asked him if he felt this way, then why did he kill her parents.  Benlow explained that her parents were afraid of her and tried to kill her so he intervened and killed them that fateful night on the bridge.  Sookie still didn't believe him and the two argued.

Across the yard at the Compton residence, Bill dealt with Jess who was high on faerie blood and distraught over presumably killing Andy's fae children.  Bill told Jess to go upstairs and sleep it off.  Unfortunately he didn't have time to care for her as he sensed Sookie's distress and had a vision of Lilith turning Warlow and ran over to Sookie's. 

Sookie thought Bill had come to rescue her, and in a way I believe he did, as Bill speaking through Lilith as Warlow's maker, commanded Benlow to come home with him.

Meanwhile Jess was in hiding when Andy showed up at Bill's to confront him and found his poor girls presumably dead on the floor.  He found a pulse on #4 and promptly carried her away while his heart broke over leaving the others behind.   He took #4 to the station where he fed her some vampire blood that he pilfered out of the evidence room.  He was relieved when she came to and vowed to get revenge for the deaths of the other three.

Senator Burrell was also having a rough night.  After his newly turned daughter Willa tried to bite him, his girlfriend Sarah Newlin felt it best that the girl be whisked off to vamp camp.  The senator relented and for some reason Sarah though this would be good time to tell him how much she wanted to get married and have children with him.  Needless to say, this conversation did not end well.  The Senator left to attend to business and Sarah fled the mansion and headed to Jason's house.  Fresh of his wild dreams about Benlow and determined to get those thoughts out of his mind, Jason just couldn't pass up Sarah's wild flirtations.  The two quickly got busy.  Things got complicated however when Jess showed up his house, still high and despondent.  Jason tries to console her but Sarah called the LAVTF to haul Jessica in to vamp camp.  Sarah and Jason argued and Jason was determined to rescue Jess.

Jessica wasn't the only new detainee at vamp camp.  After Tara told Eric that the LAVTF had taken Pam, the two surrendered to the facility in an attempt to rescue her. Unfortunately, none of the other vampire inmates would admit to having seen her.  Tara did find Jess and Tara stepped up to protect her when she declined her blood ration and other inmates tried to swoop in.

Meanwhile, Pam was getting a tour of the facility and it's various experiments which included fang extraction and sexual experiments. Pam tried to get in on the latter but was told she hadn't reached a high enough level.  Instead she was told, they wanted to study how she thinks and forced her to sit down with a psychiatrist in exchange for her compliance she could feed off a human.  The psychiatrist asked her a lot of questions about her feelings especially those towards her maker.  Pam admitted that she doesn't really think about others.  In fact she cared more about the tuna the psychiatrist had eaten than his own life.  Her maker, she admitted was different.  She went on to explain how Eric had released and claimed that she was initially hurt but had moved on and didn't care anymore. 

The next day, Merlotte's was a happen' place.  Lafayette chided Sookie for showing up at her place of employment but yet again not for work.  Seriously, when was the last time this girl actually worked?  Anyway, Sookie asked Lafayette for his help as a medium to call on her parents to get the story of what actually happened the night of the accident that killed her parents.  Over in a booth, Terry had met up with an old war buddy and asked him to kill him.  Apparently he can't stop thinking about how he had to kill Patrick and doesn't think he can on but he doesn't have the nerve to do himself in.  His friend agreed to help him.  Fortunately, Arlene interrupted this conversation and while she didn't overhear it, she definitely noticed that something was off.  Hopefully she'll be able to intervene before Terry is killed.

Back at Bill's, Benlow refuses to try to help Bill and and explains why he hates vampires.  Through flashbacks we see how Lilith turned Warlow from a happy fae man with a big family to a vampire and killer.  Once he was turned, Warlow returned to his fae clan and fed on his parents and killed most of the tribe.  He only stopped when he saw Niall who was just a small child at this time.

Sam and Nicole woke up in their hotel room and it's not clear if anything more than a kiss and some sleep happened between them.  Nicole wanted to call her parents but Sam told her that she couldn't as the wolves were on the hunt for them.  Alcide went to various were bars looking for information. He came up empty handed but did run into his father.   Jackson questioned his son's motives in looking for Emma and Sam.  He wanted Alcide to explain if he really felt it was in Emma's best interests if she be taken from Sam or is he just following crazy Rikki's directives.  Alcide told his dad that he was his own wolf and could think for himself.  He then ordered his father out of his life.  Alcide is acting like a total d-bag if you ask me. 

Over at vamp camp, Eric and Pam's feelings for each were put to the test.  Eric was put into a circular room with a large stake.  He is to fight in a death match with the competitor who enters the room.  He is stunned to see Pam enter the room as she seemed equally stunned to see him.  However, these two weren't the only ones in mortal peril last week. 

Later at Sookie's Lafayette came over to try and summon the Stackhouse's to help Sookie find out what exactly happened all those years ago.  Through Lafayette, Corbett explained that Ben came to their home when Sookie was just a little girl and explained how she was meant to be his and that he intended to take her with him.  If not that day then soon.  Corbett panicked and told Michelle that it was best they just wait until Sookie fell asleep and then drive the car off the bridge.  He believed that drowning her would save her from a lifetime of misery at the hands of Warlow.  Lafayette then became overcome by Corbett's spirit and declared they must finish the job today.  He must've also taken in some super strength because he was able to maneuver Sookie outside and into the trunk of the car where he drove down by the water and then dragged her off the to the river where he held her head under water as the episode came to a close.

Rumor has it that a major character will be killed off tonight.  I don't want any of the major characters to get killed off especially my favorites Bill and Pam.  However, I think that Jason will get killed tonight while trying to save Jessica.  What do you guys think?  Share here and if I'm wrong and Pam meets the truth death tonight, please leave me some love here because I love that girl. 

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