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Sundays with Neubie the Truebie (Episode 64, "At Last")

Last week's episode provided us with some major reveals but still left us with even more questions.  Tonight's episode will mark the halfway point of what has been a wonderful season.  I can't wait to see how last week's revelations play out through the remainder of the season.

Not surprisingly, Ben was revealed to be Warlow.  While Sookie went to call 911 to come to ailing Jason's aid, Ben sprouted his fangs and gave Jason a bit of his blood.  Sookie was shocked when she returned to the room and Jason greeted her as if nothing ever happened.

Meanwhile Niall interrogated Nora about her interest in Warlow unbeknownst to them, Warlow was inside the house.  Nora explained her belief that Warlow is the one who must fight to save the vampire kind against Lilith.  Nora didn't get to explain much more as Niall's faerie scent got to her and Niall flung her with his light power when she tried to bite him.

Despite his rapid recovery, Sookie demanded that her brother got to bed.  Jason soon had an erotic dream about Ben and woke up screaming.  He then had an awkward conversation with Niall who informed him that the fae can't manipulate dreams the way vampire blood can and the two realized that Ben must actually be Warlow.  In an attempt to protect Sookie, the duo head off to try to fight Ben/Warlow alone.

Unfortunately, there attack plan falls apart when Ben used his super strong light power against Niall and glamours Jason into fleeing the scene while erasing his memory of the event.  Ben then drained Niall but curiously spit his blood out.  He then dragged him to the bridge where Sookie's parents were killed.  Niall had a bit of strength left and ask Ben why he was doing this and if they were kin.  Ben confessed they were once neighbors and that he constantly battles the light and the dark ever since he was turned.  He further confessed to killing his own parents but could never kill a child.  His comment about not killing a child was an odd thing to say and makes you wonder if Ben and Niall are more than just loosely related fae kin but may indeed be more direct family relations.  However, kin or no kin, Ben tossed Niall into a portal that sounded like some kind of fae hell.

Meanwhile, Sookie went to straighten up her living room and discovered blood on the floor.  Proving that she has actually learned something over the years, she questioned where the blood came from.  She then used her fae light power to manipulate it the way Niall showed her and she discovered that the blood has the same properties as Warlow's.   Sookie put two and two together and figured out that Ben is really Warlow.  She then came up with own plan to kill him herself.    Sookie invited him over for a home cooked meal with a smile that implied there'd be something besides sweets for deserts.  She sprinkled his meal with some liquid silver but it didn't seem to affect him.   After dinner she led him to the couch where things quickly escalated from a kiss to some hot horizontal action.  Unfortunately for Benlow, she told him to get off her, called him Warlow and told him it was over for him as she manifested the light ball over his back.  We'll have to see how things work out tonight....

Elsewhere in Bon Temps, blood made trouble for Jess and Bill.  Jess helped Bill kidnap Andy's girls who have now grown to teenagers.  Bill used a nifty little wrist cuff to siphon some blood from the girls to give to Mr. Takahashi whom he has imprisioned in his basement lab.  Unfortunately, Mr. Takahashi doesn't believe he can synthesize the fae blood as it changes faster than he can examine it.  This doesn't sit well with Bill and he tells an alarmed Mr. Takahashi that he will just get more samples.  However, they are soon startled to hear screaming coming from the main floor of the house.  Apparently, poor Jessica couldn't resist the sweet fae blood and the four fae girls are sprawled across the floor seemingly drained as a distraught Jess sobs and begs Bill to tell here they're OK.  They don't look so good and I'm not a fan of the fae especially these girls who used there telepathy powers to mock poor Terry but for Jess' sake and the sake of Bill's study, I hope they're OK.

A friend of mind called Bill a "jerk."  I defended him by explaining that he is just doing what he believes is best to save the vampire race.  He really meant Andy's girl's no harm.

In what was one of the most shocking parts of the episode (for me) Eric decided to turn Willa into a vampire.  When Willa awakens she is overcome by her new powers and asks Eric if they'll get to consumate their new maker/progeny relationship.  She is devastated when Eric orders her to go home to her father.  She believes he just used her to get to her father.  Eric told her that he has only made one other vampire in his 1000 years so she should be honored and that she must convince her father to stop his assault on vampires.  While I understand his reasoning, I was shocked that Eric turned her because in the books, Eric also has two progeny Pam and Karin.  However, we didn't learn of Karin's existence until this last book, "Dead Ever After."  Pam and Karin are also very similar in that they are both strong willed, independent blondes.  Karin is also known as Karin the Slaughter for her seemingly merciless killing style.  I can't picture Willa ever being as strong as Pam or Karin and Willa just doesn't seem like Eric's type.  Willa seems pretty high maintenence.

Speaking of high maintenence, whiny Tara argued with Pam about their next move.  There bickering prompts Tara to run off which catches the eye of the government's anti-vampire task force but it's Pam who gets picked up by the crew and not Tara.  Now it's been rumored that a major character will die this season, if Tara's whining and stupidity is what causes Pam's death, I will be really pissed. Of course, stupid decisions and making a mess of things seem to be Tara's MO.

Sam also made some questionable decisions.  After the fight with Alcide's pack he rescued Nicole and rode to safety once he shifted into horse form.  They found refuge at a motel and put little Emma to bed.  Nicole was still stunned by her friends deaths at the hands of the pack and Sam was still stunned by the events of the past few days since Luna's deaths.  For some reason, this didn't stop Sam and Nicole from making out.  I really don't understand that type of logic or lack thereof.  I hope Emma doesn't wake up and see it.

It was another drama filled week!  What do you guys think?  What would you like to see happen?

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