Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sundays with Neubie the Truebie (Episode 63, "You're No Good)

Happy Truebie Sunday everyone!  It's hotter than Bon Temps here in New York.  Let's take a look at what sort of trouble our friends got into last week.

Eric must've caught a case of stupid from Jason or perhaps as Pam suggested, he's just blindsided by Willa's beauty.  Eric took the governor's daughter to Fangtasia where Pam wanted to kill and Tara thought it best they just return her to daddy.  With the feds closing in, Eric commanded Pam and Tara to gather whatever possessions they had and they fled for "safety" at Ginger's house.  The poor dimwit thought Eric was finally here for the shag he once promised her.  Instead he charmed his way in with Willa, Pam and Tara.  Eric and Willa shared a coffin while Pam and Tara had to make due in a dirt hole.  Willa took advantage of the close quarters, attempted to seduce Eric and told him that she hated her father as much as he does.  Willa told Eric that her father embezzled money from a highway project to build a vampire "camp" where they are imprisoned and studied. 

For some stupid reason that must've only made sense to Ginger, she answered Eric's "untraceable" phone.  The feds with their new technology was able to trace the call and the governor and his entourage are hot on Eric, Pam, Willa, and Tara's heels as they flee Ginger's home.

Over in Shreveport, Alcide, his girlfriend Rikki, and Emma's grandmother Martha try to hide the little girl from the inquiring police.  Emma initially refused to shift but after some harsh words from Rikki, she complies and the police, leave.  Later, Nicole and the members of the Vampire Unity Society are apparently also suffering from a case of stupid as they tried to speak to Alcide and the wolf pack about supporting their cause and coming out.  What could've been just a peaceful discussion turned violent when Rikki antagonized the group and a wild and deadly fight broke out.  This worked out in Sam's favor as the shifter was an owl in a nearby tree and the fight proved to be the perfect distraction for him to shift back to human form and rescue Emma.  However, Sam's good heart prompted him to try and rescue an injured Nicole.  We'll have to see how that works out tonight.

Back in Bon Temps, Bill believes his new powers will enable him to walk in the sun.  He is quickly proven wrong as he promptly proven wrong as he is promptly engulfed in flames at sun up.  Thankfully, Jessica was there at the door to smother the flames when he came running back in the house.  Once he recovered, he told Jessica about his plans to meet the man who synthesized blood to make Tru Blood.  Bill believes that synthesizing faerie blood could help the vampires win their fight.  He sends Jessica to get tarted up to seduce the man who can synthesize the blood to their home while Bill go find a faerie for a blood sample.  Now, just where will Bill find one?

Across the yard, Bill asks Sookie to invite him.  She declined but Bill is able to walk right in, apparently he has another new power.  He describes his plan and asks for a sample of her blood.  She declined and he told her she was "dead to him."  Jason tried to defend and comfort his sister but Bill telekenetically shoves Jason out of the way and he falls down the stairs as Bill leaves.  

Meanwhile, Niall was trying to find Warlow.  He entered the faerie portal and was horrified to discover that a vampire, presumable Warlow and broken and killed all the fae at the club.  Upon exiting the portal, Warlow found Ben who apparently took an entire day to find the portal just down the road.  Niall told Ben about the horrors inside the club and took the halfling back to Sookie's house.  

Elsewhere, the vampire "camp" is receiving it's newest inmate, Steve Newlin.  Steve's has been visibly assaulted and is near tears when his ex-wife Sarah enters the room.  He thinks she's come to rescue him but of course, she's not and she promptly tells him that she is one of the politicians working for this place and that their old dreams when they were involved with the Fellowship of the Sun are coming true.

They find Nora outside.  She had been hiding out there looking for Warlow.  The faeries get into a scuffle with Nora.  Jason and Sookie came out of the house to investigate the commotion where Jason has another wicked headache and falls to his knees.  Nora runs off as Ben and Niall come to Jason's aid.  

After trying to patch things up by taking Holly to his childhood fort, Andy discovers Bill out after curfew.  Bill is in full southern gentleman mode and tells Andy he was just heading home.  Bill spots the toys in the back of the squad car and Andy mentions that he has half fae daughters.  What do you bet Andy will come to regret that revelation?!  Bill told Andy to appreciate his girls as he headed home with a gleam in his eye.  

Yikes!  There was a lot of fighting going on.  I understand why Sookie is angry with Bill but I don't understand why she would give him just a little bit of her blood so he could try to have it synthesized.  I found that to be rather selfish on her part.  I don't think Bill means any harm.  I think he truly believes he can save the vampire race and if a little bit of fae blood could help him, what is the harm?

I also think Ben is too good to be true.  I found it odd that it took him a whole day to even get near the fae portal.  And her knows just the perfect things to say to get Sookie to like him, he's just too perfect.  I wonder if he is actually Warlow? 

As for Jason and his headaches, I think they stem from more than him getting hit in the head a lot.  In the books, Sookie's fae cousin Dermott is identical to Jason and she couldn't even tell them apart initially.  Dermott also suffers from brain damage.  So, I'm wondering if the Jason we are seeing isn't really Jason but rather Dermott.

What do you all think?  Share you thoughts below!

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