Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sundays with Neubie the Truebie (Episode 66 "Don't You Feel Me")

So, if you didn't get to see last week's episode and you're wondering which character died, I'm going to spare you from reading until the end of the post to find out.  Last week, I was so nervous for Pam and Bill's welfare that I spent about 45 minutes nearly biting my nails.  I'm a big germaphobe so I wouldn't actually bite my nails but when I get really anxious I do this weird thing where I make a fist and hold it in front of my mouth.  Yeah, I'm weird.

Anyway, Terry was killed last week.  I didn't suspect it because it seemed so obvious.  He asked to be killed and he was killed.  Arlene tried to intervene but her and Holly's method of helping Terry backfired.  Holly suggested she call a friend of a friend who is a vampire to glamour Terry into forgetting all about the war, thus erasing his memories, PTSD, and killing Patrick.  Now, I wish we could all get that smoke demon story from last season glamoured out of our memories.  Unfortunately, the glamouring was so successful that Terry not only forgot about the war but he forgot that he asked his former fellow soldier to kill him.  And that's presumably who shot Terry outside of Merlotte's.

Back and vamp camp, Pam and Eric exchanged some words but then turned their anger to the vamp camp guards and killed them, foiling Sarah's master plan for one of them to kill the other.  Willa begged her father to take her out of solitary confinement and put her in with the general population.  Jason was successful in infiltrating the compound despite being seen by Sarah.  He threatened to out their prior relationship if she didn't let him stay in the compound. Sarah then set it up so that Jessica would be one of the vampires in a sexual study that she made Jason watch.  Sarah's plan was again foiled when the male vamp refused to engage in sexual activity with Jessica.  Later Burrell tried to make Eric suffer by making him watch as Nora was injected with Hep. V, a strain of hepatitis that is fatal to vampires.

Meanwhile, Bill sensed Sookie's distress and allowed Ben, since it was daylight, to go rescue Sookie from a possessed Lafayette.  Ben stunned Lafayette with faerie light and sent him home to heal.  Sookie didn't want Ben to return to Bill as she feared for his safety there so the two went off to Faery.

Bill then went to check on Jessica and discovered that she wasn't home.  He then thought back to his visions and realized she must have been taken.  In attempt to learn more about Lilith and what he must do to save the vampire race, he asked the doctor to drain him so he could be in a comatose state and then put his blood back the next day.  Bill is able to see Lilith and she gives him a very cryptic message and tells him not to contact her again.  When he awakens he drank a full vial of Warlow's blood and headed out into the sun with a mission.  Bill stunned the governor and his security team when he showed up in the daytime.  Bill promptly used his powers to manipulate the security team into killing themselves and then he beheaded Sen. Burrell.  He then stormed into the facility at the show's close.  Elsewhere inside, Eric, Willa and a very sickly Nora attempted to make their escape.

After Emma became upset over not seeing her grandmother (why she doesn't seem more upset over her mother's death is baffling) Sam concedes, and calls Martha to pick her granddaughter up. They happily reunite and Martha promised Sam she'd stay clear of the pack, that it'd be just her and Emma now.  
Sam and Nicole headed for parts unknown when Alcide caught up with them and he told Sam that if he ever returned to Bon Temps or Shreveport that the pack would kill him.  I really don't understand why Alcide is so angry.  He's really a d-bag this season.

I'm kind of confused over were Sam's storyline is headed.  Hopefully he'll challenge Alcide's warning and head back home.  He'll sure have to clean up a mess over at Merlotte's.  A shooting in the parking lot can't be good for business.

Up in Faery, Ben asked Sookie to tie him up.  No, he wasn't being kinky.  He apparently feared that he'd be unable to resist feeding on her when night fell as he hadn't fed in awhile.  Sookie complied and the two chatted. Later, Sookie told Ben that everyone thinks she is a "danger whore," so she was embracing it.  She then untied him, stripped for him, let him feed off her and she fed of him.  Then she unbuttoned his pants and mounted him as a big ball of faery light embraced them.  Other than the obvious F, I really don't WTF was going on.

What did you guys think?  Share with me!  I'd love to chat more but there is a thunderstorm coming and it's going to kick me off the internet any minute now....

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