Who Are These Weirdos?

Editor in Chief-  Jenn Neuburger: I worked with Borders Group since 2002, first as a Bookseller at Waldenbooks during my college years, then I stayed on as we became Borders. I left for a year in 2007 to concentrate on a full-time paralegal job, but I missed my bookstore family and the great employee discount so much that i decided to do both. I worked both jobs up until Borders 647 went out of business in September 2011. Now, I just work at a law firm, and I miss the bookstore terribly. I've been an avid reader my whole life. I especially love thrillers.  My favorite authors include Michael Connelly, Tess Gerritsen, Karin Slaughter and my childhood favorite Ann M. Martin.  I am so grateful to have this blog.  I hope our readers enjoy it just as much as we all enjoy working on it. 

Creative Director- Rebecca T: I was a cashier, bookseller, and then merchandising supervisor at Borders. I have a passion for all children's books from board books to YA, though I also love a good historical fiction, mystery, or fantasy book from the "grown-up" section. I recently obtained my masters in English and am now working on my masters in Library and Information Science because I just love books that much :) I am also an adjunct professor of English and, just because I can, also work at B&N with Rachelyons where we rock the store. I also am working on writing my own YA novel. In short: Books are my life and my passion. I post on the third Wednesday of the month and usually compile the Book Club monthly posts.

Contributing Writers, Alphabetically! Because some of us are OCD :)

Alan Andrews (Basso for Hire): I am a full time Tech Recruiter, part time singer and actor, mostly with regional opera and theater companies. I am also a member of The Air Pirates Radio Theater and perform radio plays for live audiences. Also seriously considering launching a secondary (or tertieary) career as a respite reptile (lounge lizard). Former Bookseller at Borders in Middletown, NY for about a year and a half, until it went belly up (so perhaps it's my fault). Would be writer. That is, I would be if I'd just up and do it. I post on the second Friday of the month.

Albert: My name is Albert. I was born in Flushing, NY in 1983 and my favorite color is yellow. I have a passion for literature. My perfect day would involve entering a cooking competition where I solve a murder mystery with a spunky sidekick while trying to outflank the competition. Since the opportunity for that has not shown itself, I write book reviews instead. I hope you enjoy using this blog as much as all the contributors enjoy creating the content. Best wishes. I post on the first Wednesday of the month.

Grammy T: I am a wife and a mom. I have enjoyed homeschooling my 5 children since 1984, and we have discovered many interesting books on our journey. Reading has been a passion since I began to read, and I have tried to pass the love of literature on to my children. I hope to share some of the books that my children and I have discovered on our learning adventure. I post on the second Wednesday of the month.

Jess B: I started working at Borders in 2010, and it was love at first sight. Between my coworkers and the books that seemed to never end, it was all over for me. I was hired as IPT but slowly moved from Inventory to Merchandising Supervisor and then finally ended at Inventory Supervisor. It was a roller coaster of emotions that I am glad I never got off of. I currently work in a Cardiologist Office just to support my addiction to these pages. I am a huge nerd, reading anything from Science Fiction to Independent Reader. I love it all. I will be posting the First and Third Monday of every month!

Jessica P: I started at Borders as a part-time seller and ended up on Inventory, then a couple of supervisor positions and then peaked as Asst. Manager. I started reading at 3 years old and still love it. I am currently unemployed, but I keep myself busy with the Evergreen Chorus of Sweet Adeline's International and church choir! I will be posting every 4th Friday of the month.

NaomiRuth: I was an "unofficial" Borders employee while my sister (Rebecca T) was the merchandising supervisor. Then in 2010 I was finally hired as an official Borders employee (Hallelujah!). I tend to read fantasy books of the YA and below variety (adult books scare me O_O), but recently have garnered a love for non-fiction books about reality, language, and myth. My favorite word is gallimaufry and I am currently a Classics major at a college somewhere. I love writing YA fantasy books and spending time with book lovers. Thus I am here. I post every Thursday for the "Down Unders," books written for twelve and unders.

rachelyons: I am a former Borders employee, current Barnes and Noble employee, oboe player, oxford comma enthusiast, and self-proclaimed Harry Potter expert. In a world where orange illiterates with fake New Jersey accents reign supreme, I finally found my niche among a group of like-minded weirdos with a passion for all things fantasy. When I'm not with The Beard, compulsively watching Gilmore Girls, or handing whiny customers Nicholas Sparks novels, I can be found outside with my nose in a delicious smelling book. I will be posting on the fourth Wednesday of the month. Oi with the poodles already.