Wednesday, July 15, 2015

10 Things I Love About Teen Wolf

It's been a while since I've done a TV or movie related 10 Things post, and since Teen Wolf just started its new season, it's been on my mind. If you haven't watched the show, I am keeping this as spoiler free as humanly possible, so read on and see some of the reasons I think this is a show worth watching!
  1. Mythology - I love the way they play with mythology of different supernatural creatures. Though there are, obviously, werewolves, there are also many other mythological beings that come into play including kitsunes, nogitsunes, banshees, kanimas, and many others. Many are pretty closely based in existing mythologies (though the show always puts its own spin on things) and some are more loosely based on mythologies, and I'm pretty sure there are some that are invented for the sake of the show. But it always keeps things interesting and I've become more interested in various mythologies as a result of them coming up on the show.
  2. Here are 3 of the lovely leading ladies
    Couldn't find one that also had Malia, though :(
  3. The female characters - Although Scott is the main character as the "teen wolf" who is turned in the first episode, the supporting cast is all amazing and the female characters are done well. They are strong, well-rounded characters who don't lose their femininity just because they can also kick some serious butt. Lydia has become one of my favorite characters as she has developed throughout the series and Malia, a more recent addition to the cast, is absolutely hilarious and either first or second place with the best one-liners. Each female (including the adult women we encounter) is different and fully drawn and developed and that's, unfortunately, still fairly rare to find, especially in a sci-fi/fantasy genre show.
  4. The friendships - The show is set in high school and, fittingly, the relationships and friendships between characters make up a large part of the non-supernatural drama. I love the way the characters go through changes, falling outs, arguments, getting closer, drawing apart. If it wasn't for the interplay between the characters, you wouldn't care so much about the larger supernatural issues that arise. 

  5. The bromance - The friendship between Stiles and Scott is so genuine and so wonderful. You can just tell they've been friends forever, they know each other well, they've always got each other's backs, and they're not afraid to tell each other the truth, even if it will hurt.
  6. It's not this one, but there's a scene in season 3 between
    the two of them and I was totally sobbing.
    The fact that they're really good friends in real life
    carries over to their performance too.
  7. Stiles - Speaking of, I simply cannot make this list without putting Stiles on it by himself. Scott may be the "main" character, but Stiles is the heart of the show. He's the one who ties with Malia for best one-liners. He's the one who is one of the first to point out when an idea is stupid, but also one of the first to risk himself to save someone else. Even though he is not a supernatural creature himself, he's the one they all tend to lean on and turn to even if they don't realize it. And his relationship with his father is so fantastically well done. The two of them are always so great together.
  8. The reality - As I mentioned before, the show is set in high school, but this is a high school where the students actually spend time going to class and doing homework. There have been story threads where characters have been in jeopardy of failing because their schoolwork has suffered as a result of the supernatural highjinks. Besides that, other very real, very serious issues have also been dealt with from struggling to make ends meet as a single mother, to the repercussions of divorce, to dealing with the loss of a family member or friend. I really appreciate that there are other things they face than just the ones that go bump in the night.
  9. The unexpected - Seriously. You never know what is going to happen. And it often feels like no character is safe. There have been a couple of deaths or people leaving that were a bit shocking or surprising. And new people coming in that you wouldn't have expected. And people you thought were allies being enemies and vice versa. The show keeps you on your toes in a good way.
  10. Stiles' dad and Scott's mom are so integral to the show.
  11. The adults - I like the fact that the adults aren't missing. There may be single parent homes (actually in quite a few cases), but the parents and adults that are there are very much involved in their kids' lives. And they often play important roles in the larger narratives. So often in high school dramas the parent figures are gotten out of the way as quickly as possible, but some of the sweetest and best moments I can remember have come between parent/child on this show.
  12. The blend of genres - While in many ways this is a teen drama, it's also (as you can see from the previous point) a bit of a family drama, with plenty of fantasy/mythology thrown in, a lot of action/adventure, and a dash of horror with a healthy dose of comedy. How does all that work together? I honestly don't know, but it does and I love it.
  13. The fun - It's just a fun show to watch. There are some great moments of scariness as well as moments of serious drama, and plenty of heart. But when it really comes down to it, it's just a really fun show to watch. It's a great one to watch with a friend so you have someone to exchange what on earth just happened! looks or texts or conversations.
So have you seen Teen Wolf? What do you like about it? Anything that's shocked you in the last season or in this season!? SPOILERS MAY EXIST IN THE COMMENTS, so feel free to share your thoughts there.


Florentine @ Readiculously Peachy said...

Alright, you have completely convinced me! I have heard about this show before, but never really read a detailed opinion on it.

It sounds like it would definitely be up my street. I suppose that if I like shows like Vampire Diaries, that I'll love this show as well :)

Check out my blog if you like :)

Rebecca T. said...

Absolutely! If you love Vampire Diaries, Buffy, etc. then you should love Teen Wolf!