Saturday, August 9, 2014

May Book Club: Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger

Vane's past is a mystery. He knows his parents died in a category five tornado and that he has dreams of a beautiful girl, but he doesn't remember anything else. So when he wakes up and finds the girl in his bedroom he's bewildered and a little bit relieved that she's real. But Audra isn't an ordinary girl - she's a sylph, and she's been watching him for years. When she accidentally reveals their location to the man who murdered Vane's parents, she has to help Vane remember who he is and what happened to his family before everyone he loves is destroyed. As they prepare for battle they find themselves drawn together, but will it all fall apart when Vane's memories return?

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What we thought:

Rebecca T: I loved it. It was a great fantasy YA novel with a very different mythology. No vampires, zombies, or mermaids here. But you will find intriguing characters, two very different (and saucy) protagonists, fascinating twists, and really good story telling. Can't wait to dive into the second book!

NaomiRuth: I really enjoyed this book. I love Shannon Messenger's writing style. I liked having the perspective change between the two characters. I want to read more!

Jenn N.: Like Naomi, I also enjoyed the perspective change. I especially liked Vane's point of view. His snarkiness really cracked me up. At times I found Audra a tad melodramatic but given what she was up against, I guess it was natural. Fortunately Vane's perspective of her softened her. I also liked the whole aspect of sylphs. I had never heard of them before and found it to be unique to fantasy YA which seems to be flooded with vampires. (Not that I don't love vampires). While some elements of the story were predictable I was a little shocked by the ending and can't wait to see where the sequel goes.

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