Sunday, January 17, 2016

Downton Abbey Episode 6.2

So what did our favorite household get up to this week? Rebecca T and Jenn N weigh in on last week's Downton Abbey. Feel free to join in our conversation in the comments!

Jenn N: I laughed out loud when Robert offered to decorate the servants quarters for Carson and Mrs Hughes wedding.  It was well intended but ridiculous  offer.

Rebecca T: I loved the way Mary and Edith exchanged looks like "servant's hall!?" - I think it's the first thing they've completely agreed on in a long while! But I do hope that Mrs. Hughes sticks to her guns and that Carson doesn't choose Mary over her.

Jenn N: I do too. She deserves the wedding she wants and not the one Mary dictates they have.

Rebecca T: I do like that Mary's taking over as the Agent. I think it will be good for her to have something to really focus her attention on. However, for how selfish she can be, I love that Mary is insistent on offering help to Anna.

Jenn N: I also love when Mary shows her sensitive side, such as when she confided her own fertility struggles with Anna and offered her assistance in any way possible.

Rebecca T: Anna is so hard on herself. I'm glad she took Mary's help. After all, as Mary pointed out, Anna's helped Mary hide a body so I certainly think she could accept a doctor's visit!

Jenn N: "When you're married you never have to cry alone."  That was pretty much the most romantic  thing that I've ever heard.  I love that Bates continually supports Anna.  I hope that Mary's doctor is able to help Anna and Bates get the family they both so desire.

Rebecca T: Yes, yes, yes. I want them to have a baby and find a cute place to open a little B&B and be happy together. Also, when Anna was getting ready to go to London and told Bates, "Yes, I'll be putting my feet up" I about died from laughter. That was such a great little sly double entendre.

Jenn N: I really feel bad for Mrs. Drewe.  She loved Marigold like her own child so I can see why she's so "obsessed " with her.  I really wish Cora had interceded and thought up an excuse as to why Marigold couldn't visit the pigs at the farm.

Rebecca T: I feel even worse for Mr. Drewe having to give up his farm. Maybe he can just switch places with Daisy's father in law? It would solve both of their problems, right?

Jenn N: I agree pushing Mr Drewe away from his farm is terrible.  Lady Edith should be the one to relocate.  She can live in her flat in London with Marigold

Rebecca T: Yes. Edith needs to stand up for herself to that editor. She could learn some things from Mary if she would take half a chance. Moving to London, I think, would be really good for her. Daisy's intensity is understandable, but she needs to find a way to temper her passion. It's really too bad that Sybil isn't there anymore. She'd be a wonderful mentor for Daisy, I think. And on a side note, I like how much more relaxed and pleasant Baxter is now. She's softer and happier. I hope we get to see more of her this season.

So that's what we thought - anything you want to discuss? Do you agree with Daisy or think she needs to back off? Should Edith move to London? Will Mrs. Hughes get the wedding of her dreams?

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