Sunday, January 24, 2016

Downton Abbey Episode 6.3

Want a refresher on last week's Downton Abbey episode with some commentary from our very own Jenn N and Rebecca T? You've come to the right place!

Rebecca T: I am so glad Edith finally fired that editor. If he's going to show her such disrespect, then he can't stay. I was so happy that she ran into that agent again. I liked him back when we first met him and his coming along to help her out was totally a Rory/Logan from Gilmore Girls moment.

Jenn N.: I thought the same thing! I can't remember Mr. Handsome's name either but I love how he just jumped right in to help Edith with the paper. I mean, "that's how we do it at the Yale Daily News!"

Rebecca T: I'm happy that Anna is expecting again. I really hope she carries this pregnancy to term. Mary's comment to her, "Lord knows the problem isn't Bates," cracked. me. up. I so want Anna and Bates to end the season on a high note. Speaking of a high note, it was so nice to see Mrs. Hughes and Carson have a lovely, simple yet beautiful wedding.

Jenn N: I wish we got to see more of the wedding but it was a nice little ceremony. The simple breakfast party was more elaborate than I expected which was good. You only get married once, so live it up!

Rebecca T: Carson being nervous about the wedding was so adorable and his toast was sweet and romantic. I loved that Mrs. Patmore tried to order a nice dress and I was so bummed when it didn't work out.

Jenn N: I was glad that Mrs. Hughes finally got onto the spirit of trying to get a nice dress. I hate when people go all nutso over a gown like on "Say Yes to The Dress" but every bride deserves a little sparkle on her special day. I was glad that Cora finally calmed down and gifted Mrs. Hughes with the evening coat.

Rebecca T: God bless Cora! I was really hoping Mrs. Hughes didn't feel ambushed, but I was so glad Cora took the time to find out what Mrs. Hughes wanted for the wedding. Which is why it was so startling, I think, when she lashed out later. Mary can be very self-focused, but she can also be incredibly kind and thoughtful and I loved that she gave in to Mrs. Hughes wishes and then did what she could to make sure Mrs. Hughes had a nice dress, too. On another note, I was glad that Cora took the tour of the other hospital to try to get more information. I'm personally not all that vested in the hospital storyline, but it seems like you should try to get as many facts as you can before making a decision.

Jenn N: I'm worried for Spratt. Who knows what Denker will do with the secret she's keeping about his escaped convict nephew.

Rebecca T: I was surprised that Denker covered for Spratt's nephew. It does make me wonder what her motivation is. She reminds me a bit of Thomas in that way - she doesn't seem to do anything without an ulterior motive.

Jenn N: I'm thrilled that Tom came back. I am sorry that things didn't work out for him in the States but I think he's really good for Downton. His level head will help keep the estate going so it doesn't end up like the empty downtrodden ones that Thomas has been seeing on his job hunt.

Rebecca T: Yes! I'm so happy to see him! I think he's good for both Downton and for the show itself. I did sort of feel a little like he stole some of Carson and Elsie's thunder, though, showing up at their wedding breakfast. I know he knows them all, having walked in both worlds, but I felt like it took a little away from their day.

So what's going to happen tonight. Will Tom be able to slip back into his old place? Will Mary feel like she's lost her place since he's back? Will Daisy be able to calm herself down or will she end up sabotaging Mr. Mason's chances again?

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