Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Books for the Kid in all of us!

Well there are only 2 more shopping days left until Christmas!  Have you gotten all your presents yet?  I know I haven't, in fact today is when my husband and I will finish doing our shopping! When I started working for Borders "back in the day" (as my staff will attest) I was primarily a kids seller.  I don't know how I got roped into it, but I always found myself in the kids room suggesting titles to customers who had NO clue as to what to get a child they only saw a handful of times a year.

I decided for my first post to talk about the Christmas books that I really enjoyed as a child.  If you are looking for a good kids book to get for the holiday, perhaps this will inspire you.

The first book I love during this time of year is The Polar Express by Chris VanAllsburg.  I have great memories of my elementary school librarian reading this to our class every year.  I always hoped that the Polar Express would come to my home and pick me up just so I could visit the North Pole. *sigh*  Oh well, maybe my children will get that experience!

The second book I love is that classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss.  Who can forget this classic tale about The Grinch and his quest to steal Christmas, only to be foiled by his own heart?  I always wanted some roast beast!  Where can I get it?

My next recommendation may not be familiar to some of you, it's The Sweet Smell of Christmas by Richard Scarry.  It's a cute story (complete with scratch and sniff stickers) about a little bear who is learning all about Christmas.  My favorite scratch and sniff page to this day is the hot chocolate.  We still have this book at my parents and it still smells!!!!

For older kids, I suggest The Best Christmas Pageant ever by Barbara Robinson.  What happens when a rambunctious family takes over the church's Christmas Pageant....well you will find out if you read this book. This includes the classic line "Hey Unto you a Child is Born!".  I honestly think I would be freaked out if this happened in my church, but hey it makes for a great story!

My final suggestion is The Crippled Lamb by Max Lucado.  It's a tear jerker but for good reasons.  It tells the story of a lamb with a birth defect who learns that indeed there is a reason as to why we are all here.  I will not give away the ending, but it truly magnifies the meaning of Christmas!

Well I hope you all enjoyed my suggestions for you!  If you liked them great, if not that's okay too!  I look forward to hearing from you and writing for you all next month!


Rebecca T. said...

I have the Smells of Christmas book! We used to read it every year!

Jessica said...

After I wrote this I went down to the basement and found the book. Every sticker had its scent except the orange. Then my sister reminded me that we used to scratch the heck out of the orange, so that explained it

Unknown said...

I think the only sticker that has any smell left in ours is the pine one because we all loathed it.