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Fairy Interesting: OUAT - The Miller's Daughter

2.16 "The Miller's Daughter"

So, I know that this should be clear, but SPOILERS ABOUND AHEAD.


So tonight Cora and Rumple amp up the most convoluted family tree in all of history by casting doubt on who Regina's real father is and making me toss my cookies. Rumple manipulates Snow, Cora manipulates Regina, and Snow proves that she's been paying way too close attention to her step-mother's lessons. Rumple becomes the most sincere we've ever seen him and everyone gets witty lines . We also meet another jerk king that makes us wonder if there are any actual kings and queens that aren't evil.

So Cora and Regina are plotting. More. Again. Cora's line about the magic box was so poorly delivered and her lipstick was so badly applied that I feel more relief than anything else that she was the one to go. I was kind of thinking that it might be Regina, but Cora had really served her purpose and she works much more effectively as a catalyst for Regina's return to the dark side (*waves pompoms*)

Also, was it just me or did Cora's face do that creepy Vampire Diaries crackly thing when she got angry at the king?

(complete and utter side note - I was watching "Tiny" with my Mom as she is trying to catch up on the show and I realized that as Henry, Gold, and Emma are on the plane waiting to take off, the background noise announces that the airline is Ajira. That made me laugh.)

Cora managed to sum up the entire season (if not the series thus far) in one nice phrase: The choice is between power and love. Thank you we can all go home now.

There were a number of lines (and moments) that had me cracking up during this episode, so here's a quick recap of those.

Rumple when Cora gives him her name: "Sounds like something breaking."

Emma holding the invisible chalk and scribbling on the floor was hilarious and Nealfire (my new nickname for him) cracked me up. I hope he stays on. Forever. Because.

Emma to Gold: "I can't cast a spell! I can spell 'spell.'" hehe

Nealfire holding that pirate cutlass. I don't know why but I could not stop giggling. Totally not his weapon. I'm thinking a bow and arrow might fit him nicely. But not so much the sword.

Cora and Rumple's exchange about her dress: "Bride's have to be snow white." "When you see the future there's irony everywhere." Ha! However, I was confused since the dress was actually ... gold. Also, she pretty much almost fell completely out of that dress. Yikes.

Nealfire: "Who's Belle?" Emma: "Your dad's girlfriend." HAHA

And finally, when Snow was begging Regina to take the heart back and put it in Cora her ears were totally glowing. And all I could think about was the beginning of Home Alone II when Buzz holds the candles up to Kevin's ears and that distracted me through that whole scene.

Okay, enough goofy stuff. This was a really interesting episode. I liked the miller's daughter connection and, though at first I didn't really like Cora taking everything into her own hands, I liked the way they ended up twisting everything together.

The one thing you can say about Cora without a doubt is that she is basically pure evil. I don't care if you argue that the last moment proves otherwise. I will argue against it. You are talking about a woman WHO CUT OUT HER OWN HEART so she wouldn't love. There is nothing redeeming in this woman. The end.

I kind of wanted to slap Regina. She's all wait, "the whole point of this.... what is the whole point of this?" And she looks SO confused and I felt like asking her where she has been for, oh, I don't know HER ENTIRE LIFE. Cora doesn't care about anybody or anything. Why are you so surprised this is coming out now?

The casting of young Cora was well done and I loved the red motif.

I had a minor brain meltdown when Rumple and Cora started getting all smoochy and Rumple was all I'll change the contract to say that I want my first child instead of yours. And I don't care what Cora said ... there is totally the possibility that Regina is Rumple's daughter.

And with that realization and smoochy time I pretty much gagged. Because WHAT?! Also, that would mean that... wait for it... if Rumple is Regina's father, then Regina is Baelfire's half-sister and Henry's step-great-grandmother AND half-great-aunt?! EW.

I did like the way Cora made Rumple teach her magic, but in previous episodes I got the feeling that they had been working together for a very very long time. Of course, I supposed they could have collaborated after this, but that ending made it seem kind of like they hadn't really seen each other since she left him. But she talks about all of the magical things he taught her to do (like the globe location spell) so I find myself very confused.

I am really angry that they had Snow actually go through with it. I can't handle these people going evil to protect their children. Enough already. And she's not going to really go evil. The moral dilemma was enough without her actually doing it. There were other ways this could have gone down. It was just so wrong. What do you think? Do you disagree and believe this is what had to happen? If so please leave a comment and let me know why you think that because that was the one thing that really spoiled this episode for me a little bit (a tiny little bit. The other thing was the horrid green-screen blue sky behind Nealfire and Henry, but that's another point altogether).

And this was my reaction - literally what I typed out when she started talking Regina into putting the heart back in: HOLY MOLY BANANA PEAS SNOW IS WAY TOO MANIPULATIVE FOR HER OWN GOOD SHE HAS LEARNED WAY TOO WELL FROM REGINA AND CORA

So yeah.

Also, was I the only one screaming at Nealfire to PICK UP THE STUPID KNIFE ALREADY rather than threatening Regina. No one doubted for one second that she would pick the knife over her daughter and no one really thought Nealfire would actually do anything to Regina anyway.

Rumple's "death" scene was so good.

Gold's speech to Belle made me cry all over the place. I can't even take it. She's so cute and he's so cute around her and this is exactly what Baelfire needed to hear. And *sobs*

For just a tiny moment I really wasn't sure if Rumple was going to be the one to go (until my logical mind reminded me that Henry will be his downfall, so obviously he had to live). And when he reaches out to Nealfire and they have that moment it was so sweet.

But I have to admit (because obviously I have a twisted mind) when Rumple reached out and asked "May I?" of Nealfire I could only think - May I touch you with my bloody gross fingers? Because I don't know as I would have wanted to grab that hand.

And speaking (briefly and three paragraphs ago) about Belle. I want to know what's going on with Greg and Belle. Urgh. Nothing at all last episode and nothing of any real substance this episode. Can she just get her memory back already.

This episode brought out a little bit of violence in me as I vowed to hunt down the writers if they made Snow go evil, and swore that if Rumple died I was going to kill someone. Well, one out of two ain't bad.

A gratuitous picture of David Charming
because ... well, why not?
Regina's eyes when she realizes what Snow has done? Oh snap. Can't wait. And I hope she's actually evil Regina not ambivalently-evil-and-suddenly-change-back-to-good-at-the-end-of-the-episode-for-Henry's-sake Regina.

So fire away in the comments box. Did I leave anything out? Do you disagree about Cora being pure evil? Do you think Regina can keep up this back-and-forth things much longer? I'd love to get some conversation going!

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