Wednesday, May 28, 2014

#BEAhappytoread - we are so ready

It's that time of year again! Jenn N and I are getting our empty suitcases together, stretching out our walking muscles, and prepping our instagram feeds for the amazingness that is BEA.

This year we'll be going on Thursday and Friday and we've got lists the size of our arms of authors we're excited to meet, booths we want to visit, and publisher's we want to talk to.

We'll be posting stuff throughout the days we are there both on our Twitter @borderlessbooks and our Instagram @bwobny, so follow along if you need to live vicariously through us.

Are you going to be there this year? We'd love to see you!

If you've never been to BEA, you're in for a real treat.  We'd also like to help BEA newbies by bestowing some of BEA wisdom upon you.

Do bring a small wheeled suitcase to tote your books home but don't forget to bring money for the bag check, as wheeled luggage is not permitted on the show floor.

Do plan your day in advance by looking over the autographing and events listings on the BEA home page.  This will ensure you don't miss out on anything that you really want to see.

Don't forget to take a breather periodically and do wear comfortable shoes.  BEA is an amazing but long day.  You may also want to consider bringing your own bottled water or snacks to avoid lines at the concession stand.

If you have any BEA tips that you'd like to share, please post them in the comments below.

In addition, we're reprising the "BEA Superlatives" that we did 2 years ago. But this time we're going to be posting nominees to Instagram throughout the day. Then, next week, we'll put together our list of Best Dressed, Most Organized Publisher, Funniest Author, and so forth taking your likes and comments into consideration.

 So, please comment and follow along on @bwoby via Instagram and @borderlessbooks via Twitter.

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