Thursday, May 1, 2014

Kat, Incorrigible

Book Details:

  • Written by Stephanie Burgis (author website HERE blog HERE)
  • Illustrated by Annette Marnat (blog HERE, which is in French, btw, and has great images of her work)
  • Published by Atheneum Books for Young Readers (link HERE) which is an imprint of Simon & Schuster (link HERE)

Important Things to Know:
  • This book is geared toward female down unders, however, I think young boys will enjoy the sense of adventure and the magic.

Why Wombly and I Enjoyed This Book:

  • It was a middle grade book in the same time period and style as Jane Austen books (plus magic). I've never read a book of that time period and style as a middle grade book. It was quite fun.
  • It was written in an engaging voice.
  • It was intriguing. I didn't want to stop! I wanted to know what happened and got completely wrapped up in the story.

Wombly and I Read This Book Because:

  • Mostly because of the title. Incorrigible is just such a fun word.

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