Thursday, May 8, 2014

Horten's Miraculous Mechanisms

I just realized I took a picture of the sequel and not the first one,
which is the book I actually read *facepalm*

Book Details: 
  • Written by Lissa Evans (I couldn't find an author website but if you check out the link HERE you can find out about the book and watch an interview with the author.)
  • Illustrated by (I think Lissa Evans? I don't have the book in front of me and I can't quite figure it out, so that's my only guess)
  • Published by Sterling Publishers (originally published in Great Britain)

Important Things to Know:

  • This book not only has a great cover - I really love black and white artwork of this style - but the story is wonderful as well.
  • Really, I just couldn't think of anything to put under this category.
  • I just thought there should be some bullet points here.

Why Wombly and I Enjoyed This Book:

  • Stuart is adorable. He's short for his age, he moves to a new town, and he is annoyed at life. But then, starting with a mysterious phone booth, he starts on an adventure.
  • Stuart's dad writes the clues for crossword puzzles and so uses all sorts of bizarre and arcane and old words that nobody really uses in day to day life. This is not only a great way to expose down unders [and up overs(?)] to a larger vocabulary, but it's a great way to add character to what could otherwise be a flat character. It's nice to see there being a reason and a depth to a parent's actions. Anyway.
  • There was a blind lady. Okay, that sounds weird. However. My reason for saying this: Wombly and I have noticed a lack of people with disabilities in children's literature. I think it's an important part of life and an important perspective that is oftentimes overlooked in children's literature. I was excited that, without making a big to do over it, this author had a blind lady and had a very honest and respectful way of handling Stuart's reaction to her. It made Wombly and I very proud.
  • April. What she does to buy Stuart extra time is fantastic. (I won't tell you more so you can go read the book and find out what I'm talking about.)
  • Magicians. Magicians are always exciting.
  • The characters were quirky, the adventure was exciting. You were never quite sure what was going to happen next. And there was a sense of magic intertwined in the mundane in a believable way.

Wombly and I Read This Book Because:

  • A customer left it lying about and so it was at customer service as a re-shelve (I'm working at Barnes & Noble now). I brought it home to read with Wombly because I liked the cover art of the book. Wombly and I are very glad I did!

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