Sunday, February 1, 2015

Downton Abbey 5.4

Jenn N: It always cracks me up when aristocratic  rich people like Rose 's father have silly nicknames. How do you take anyone called Shrimpy seriously? I guess it was just the time period but I don't understand  why the scandal of divorce would just impact Shrimpy's social standing and not his soon to be ex-wife's social standing. I loved the heart to heart talk that this prompted  between Rose and her father. His relationship  struggles gave him the understanding  Rose needs as she starts moving into the modern dating scene where love and not social standing dictates a decision  to marry.

Rebecca T: I too loved the father/daughter talk. Though I'm not sure a "blank check" is such a good idea, knowing how impulsive Rose is. But I'm sure she will end up making an unorthodox choice, so at least she should have her father on her side. I hadn't thought about the nickname Shrimpy myself. In regards to the divorce, I wonder if it will affect him more since he's the one divorcing her rather than the other way around (I get that feeling anyway), so she will be more pitied perhaps? I'm not sure. I'm also really glad Rose will be staying on at Downton for now. I wasn't sure about her last season, but she's calmed down in all the right ways and she really brings some much needed levity to the upstairs part of the household.

Jenn N: And for all his modern dating ways, Lord Gillingham didn't take getting dumped very well. I initially  had a little sympathy for him as he really  does seem to love Mary but his anger and refusal to accept her dismissal of him really put me off.
Mary is still struggling to figure out who she wants or what she wants out of life now after Matthew died. Tony really should've been a little more sympathetic.

Rebecca T: I've been behind the Tony/Mary connection, but not "shipping" it per se. But his reaction has totally put me off as well. I couldn't believe he would say some of those things. And wasn't the whole point of their little private excursion together to make sure that they truly wanted to be together? However, I do find it a bit ironic that it's actually just from spending time with him (not sleeping with him) that makes Mary realize they don't have as much in common as she thought they might. I hope he isn't going to cause problems.
Also, I thought Blake was an absolute jerkface this episode as well. I honestly wanted to slap him with his little jabs at the fashion show. Both her suitors from last season have lost all credibility in my mind.

Jenn N: Mary and Tom make a really good business  pair in their work the estate with Mary trying to keep traditional  while trying to keep moving forward  and Tom inputting some of his progressive  ideas into the fold. I know Tom is considering leaving but I wonder what would happen if Tom and Mary got together  romantically .  It probably  won't happen but I think their differences  are good for each other. Plus, the family  wouldn't have to worry about  him ever taking off with the baby.

Rebecca T: You know, this crossed my mind briefly last season - wondering if the two of them would make a couple. I don't think I could see them romantically involved, but I could see them agreeing to a marriage of "convenience" as partners. Either way, I agree that they make a great pair and I really don't want to lose Tom (and Sybbie!).

Jenn N: I loved seeing the dress show that Mary went to. I don't know why it never occurred  to me that they had runway shows then just as they do now. The 20 ' certainly had some beautiful  gowns.

Rebecca T: It was really cool seeing the dresses and I too hadn't thought about them having fashion shows. I love the attention to fashion in the show. It's just fun. But back to romantic entanglements, what do you think about Lord Merton's proposal?

Jenn N: I was just as flabbergasted  as Isobel when Lord Merton proposed. His proposal  was sweet but I think he should've asked her on some dinner dates first.

Rebecca T: Ha! You know, I thought it was interesting that he said it was a love match, but honestly, they've talked for like what, five minutes? I mean, Violet went out of her way to keep them apart. How on earth can he know he loves her? I agree. I think it would have been better if he had maybe asked permission to court her or something. But they are both widowed and older so he's probably thinking he doesn't want to waste much time? It seemed very abrupt!

Jenn N: Ms Bunting just needs to go. I dislike her as much as Robert does now. She's just flat out rude.

Rebecca T: I cannot stand that woman. At all. She is making wide, sweeping judgments about people she hasn't had the courtesy to get to know. PLUS, calling Daisy and Mrs. Patmore up was just out of control. In the midst of her "progressive-ness" she doesn't seem to care at all about the people she's supposedly helping. She didn't stop to think for a second that it might be stressful to Daisy.
But, I loved Daisy's answer. So much. And I love the way she's really interested in what she's learning. I just wish she had a teacher who had even the smallest amount of common courtesy.
Also, I'm really curious to see where Tom ends up falling in the Sarah conflict. It's obvious he connects with her political ideals, but it's also obvious that he doesn't appreciate her demeaning the people who have become his family. He even specifically asks her to be nice and she thumbs her nose at his request. Tom is a fairly soft-spoken person, but I see an explosion in his future (or I hope for one - I would love to see him tell Sarah off).

Jenn N: And is it just me or does anyone  else find it ridiculous  that the London police would put this much effort  into finding out what happened  to Mr Green. They put the equivalent  of an undercover  cop at Lord Gillingham 's apartment  in case anyone suspicious  came by?!   That just doesn't seem like to me.

Rebecca T: That does seem an awful lot of money/manpower for something they have virtually no real evidence for. Maybe someone is pressuring them?

Jenn N: Meanwhile  poor Edith  got the bad news that Mrs Drewe  doesn't want her around anymore .  Edith  deserves some happiness  - please send her some goodness soon writers!!!!

Rebecca T: I agree. Edith, Anna, and Bates all need some happiness.

Jenn N: I'm interested  to see what  develops between Violet and the Prince. Part of me hope he finds his wife but another part of me would like to see him rekindle something with Violet.

Rebecca T: I can't see Violet in a relationship. It just doesn't compute in my brain! But I would love it if she was able to reunite him with his wife.

Jenn N: I'm don't think Thomas has that syringe for medical  purposes. Although  there was a mention on the development  of insulin a few episodes  ago but Thomas never looked sickly.

Rebecca T: Ooh! I had never considered it not being medical. He did look pretty horrible when he came back from his trip. I was wondering if it was something like syphilis since he's acting so embarrassed and he made some comment (don't even remember what it was now) that somehow made my mind go that way. I did like that Baxter was the one who was concerned, but I honestly couldn't care less. I'm kind of over Thomas at this point. It's stealing away from time on people I actually care about.
Like Mr. Molesley with the first footman nonsense! That was getting annoying, but it made the point. And I had to laugh over the fact that it was Carson who was teaching someone else about the importance of changing with the times and not getting caught up in tradition. There's a switch!

So will you be hanging out in Downton tonight? Or will you be cheering on the Patriots or Seahawks and catching up with the Crawleys later?

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