Sunday, February 22, 2015

Downton Abbey Recap 5.7

Jenn N: I couldn't fathom a worse dinner guest than Ms. Bunting but then we  had the displeasure of meeting Lord Merton's elitist anti-Semitic  son  Larry. After insulting the entire family and being cursed about by Tom, Isobel seemed to be questioning her engagement. I wouldn't be racing to call Larry son.

Rebecca T: You know, it takes a complete jerk to bring a family together. That was crazy. I was kind of waiting for Violet to say something, but Tom getting into it worked too. I think he's really starting to realize both why he might want to leave and why it will be extremely hard for him to do so.

Jenn N: Tom is also planning a move. I don't understand  why he wants to take little Sybbie to Chicago. Life seems good for him right now.

Rebecca T: Life is pretty good, but I think Tom feels like he can't really be himself as long as he's living within the system he used to hate so much. He wants to get back to his roots and he just can't really do that at Downton. Having said that - I don't want him to leave! He and Sybbie playing Pooh Sticks was the most adorable thing.

Jenn N: Meanwhile  we learned that Violet isn't upset that Isobel's social standing will rise by marrying Lord Merton. As I suspected , she's going to miss her unlikely bestie. For once I completely  relate to the Dowager. When your bestie gets married and moves away, it's a major bummer.

Rebecca T: I was thinking there might be something bigger, but seeing Violet open up like that was so unexpected and sweet. I've never seen her express so much emotion. I totally teared up at that point. And Violet was cracking me up this week. "He's a man; men don't have rights."

Jenn N: And like Lord Merton and Isobel, another couple racing to an engagement was Rose and Atticus. They're an adorable  couple and they seem to have a lot of fun together but doesn't anybody date anymore?

Rebecca T: I don't think dating was really a thing? But this relationship is moving very quickly. However, Atticus is one of the most adorable things ever. I think he's my favorite man to have been on the show. But I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop (other than the challenges facing them with an inter-faith marriage).

Jenn N: Anna and Bates believe they can put the Mr. Green debacle behind them. Let's hope so. I'd really like to see them live the future they've begun to plan.

Rebecca T: My favorite line from that conversation was Bates saying "Whenever I see a problem, you see only possibilities." I also thought it was interesting how many of the staff are planning for a future beyond working in a big house. the Bates' have been talking about buying a place for a while, Mrs. Patmore is buying a house, Carson wants to go in with Mrs. Hughes on one (side note: Mrs. Hughes is my most favorite person on this show). I loved the visit to Mr. Mason. I have such a soft spot in my heart for him. And I love his relationship with Daisy. But I'm totally not believing the "new and improved" Thomas. It was so bizarre seeing him offer actual helpful suggestions for once.

Jenn N: Cora cooks up what I think is a crazy plot for Edith to basically adopt her own daughter under the guise that the Drewe's can't afford to care for her any longer.

Rebecca T: I don't see how they can expect this to fly. Also, Mary's attitude toward Edith is really driving me crazy.

Jenn N: Fortunately  Robert was too preoccupied  with a sick Isis to see through this ridiculous story. Unfortunately the love of Robert 's life, Isis is dying of cancer. It was heartbreaking and sweet when Cora invited Isis into their bed.

Rebecca T: Heartbreaking and sweet was EXACTLY how I described that last scene. But I also had this sudden horrible pang that the one comment sounded terrifyingly like foreshadowing of something horrible coming for Cora.

What do you think? Do you trust the reformed Thomas? Do you think Isobel will go through with the wedding? What roadblocks could be in line for Rose and Atticus?

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