Sunday, February 15, 2015

Downton Abbey Recap 5.6

Jenn N: What I noticed this week (similar to your camera work note last week, Rebecca) was that this past week, we spent a lot of time in the characters private space.

Rebecca T: I hadn't noticed that, but now that you mention it, that's an interesting observation. We're getting much closer to some of these characters - and, for many of the characters, their lives are moving beyond the house, so what they do outside of Downton Abbey itself is becoming more important than it used to be.

Jenn N: And as far as the private space goes, we got an intimate  look inside the Bates home as Anna and Bates finally discussed what happened with Mr. Green. Shockingly, Bates didn't kill Green?! Woah! I would've defended him even if he did it. I hope the infamous train ticket doesn't lead to an arrest.

Rebecca T: I'm so relieved Bates didn't do it. I felt like Anna - totally unsure whether he had done it or not. As soon as I saw him going through the drawers in the cottage I knew he was going to find the birth control, but I didn't expect it to go the direction it did. But I am glad that this got things out in the open. I really hope the detectives just let it drop.

Jenn N: Back in Cora and Robert's bedroom we learn that Robert has been sleeping in a guest room. Cora finally had enough and told him that if he can honestly say that he's never given a woman the wrong impression  then he can stay there. Otherwise she wants him back in their room. Until this moment I forgot that Robert once kisses one of the maids. He must've remembered  too as he returned to Cora.

Rebecca T: I think that was Robert's dressing room that he was staying in. I remember him saying something to that effect last episode. When Cora called him out that way I think I literally yelled, "Oh Snap" at the television. But I'm glad they had it out and are back together again.

Jenn N: Mary's haircut.

Rebecca T: Maybe it's just me, but Mary's new look reminds me of Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, especially when she had the hat on during the point to point. Illustration:

Jenn N: Could Mary have picked a worse time to debut her new look?  I know Mary and Edith aren't close but Mary could've at least feigned some sympathy. Mary practically became became a hermit while mourning  Matthew but couldn't give Edith the tiniest bit of sympathy over Michael's passing?! That was really cold. You would think Mary could at least draw on her past loss to give a little sympathy to Edith but apparently  Mary is too busy juggling Gillingham  and Blake.

Rebecca T: Ugh. Yes. I couldn't believe how cold Mary was being. I thought she and Edith had at least called a truce by this point, but apparently not. Not that I'm excusing her behavior, but I also don't think that Mary had any idea how close Edith and Michael had gotten. She wasn't really paying attention to Edith at that point and, of course, has no idea the time they spent alone together. But, all she should need to know is that Edith is upset and at least have, like you said, even the tiniest bit of sympathy. And what is up with Charles?

Jenn N: Blake continues his odd plan to force himself, Mary, Mabel and Gillingham together in social  situations. He's even gotten the group together at the castle. I'm not really sure what he's up to. Mary's made it clear that she's done with  Gillingham and may be interested in Blake so why does Blake care who Gillingham and Mabel date?

Rebecca T: I can't figure out his end game, that's for sure.

Jenn N: And poor Thomas. I finally felt sorry for him. He's lucky that Baxter overlooked all the grief he's put her through and helped him out. Maybe he'll finally be a little nicer?

Rebecca T: I... I just can't with Thomas. But I do hope his character has a chance to grow a little. He's become almost a caricature of a person. Though I do love the chance to see more of who Baxter really is.

Jenn N: And Isobel has said yes to Lord Merton. I wonder what this will mean to Mr. Clarkson when he hears the news?

Rebecca T: I'm kind of surprised she said yes. I think Dr. Clarkson knows he didn't really have a chance there. But I'm curious to see how Violet deals with this.

Jenn N: I was panicking  for a minute when Edith was telling Tom to pass along her farewells to the family. I was worried  she was planning on taking her own life since she set her room on fire. Instead she made the bold move to take Marigold and flee to London. I'm happy for her but I know she'll face some serious  repercussions.

Rebecca T: Almost from the beginning of the episode I was so afraid Edith was going to commit suicide. I can't believe she thinks she can do this. I know she has a source of income now, but she can't keep a child a secret, especially in a place where she is known. And I felt heartbroken for and then proud of Mrs. Drewe. That was just a situation that could not continue. And one last thing - I absolutely adore Atticus. The more I get to know him the more he makes me happy. I hope there are no deep dark secrets and that he and Rose can have a fairly smooth and happy relationship with little drama.

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