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Once Upon a Time - Sisters

5.19 "Sisters"

Family was the word of the episode. Zelena, Regina (werd how did I never realize they're names rhyme before, seriously I feel like an idiot), and Cora make up while David and James finally have their showdown. And that's pretty much it except PAAANNNNNNN shows up at the end. Oh Pan how we have missed your devious little face.

So, Regina and Zelena as itty bittys were pretty much the most adorable thing (boo that I can't find any pictures of them). But I'm not sure what I think about them having made up. Does this mean Zelena will be on the show more? Will I like her more when she's not just whine whine revenge revenge? And, the better question is will Hades still love the softer more lovable Zelena? Because I seriously doubt it.

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I am very conflicted about Cora being able to move on. I mean, she did make up with her girls and gave them back their memories, but think of all the other people she murdered and manipulated and and and yeah. I mean, I'm all for redemption, but it felt sort of cheap? And I know Regina and Zelena made up, but what about all the things Zelena did like pretending to be Marion for example? Can you just forget all of that because of one happy memory? I don't know if I can buy that quick of a turnaround either.

HOWEVER, I would really love it if someone made a parody of the White Christmas "Sisters" song using Zelena and Regina clips.

I'm not a big fan of the Hades/Zelena pairing. I think Hades is just being selfish and manipulative. But I also think that it is in great part because I despise the way they portray Hades - and no it's not because he's not like the Disney's Hercules Hades (though if you're going to nod to that you could get a little closer to it - I feel like the funny writers all left the show this season or something. There has been a serious dearth of witty banter and notable one liners when there used to be multiple clever lines an episode). Mainly I just really don't like the way they've written Hades. It's like the very worst cliched approach to him with virtually no nuance (except maybe him being in love with Zelena which I still kind of doubt). Blah.

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In the other family story line James comes after David for REVENGE. Because David ... stole his glory? Even though knowing what we do about James before he died, I doubt he would have won much of anything on his own.

I'm disappointed Emma didn't feel at all suspicious that it wasn't David, though. Lame.

The eagle cry when Cruella pulled up in her car was pretty much the funniest moment of the episode. Okay, I almost forgot - I will give her funniest one-liner of the night: "Why is everything in the woods with you people?"
Emma's face at this was hilarious as well
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WHY does everyone insist on taking the showdowns down to the dock. And really? Did they have to kill of James in EXACTLY the same way they killed off Gaston? I mean, that was just lame (too). And it was all over SO quickly. The secondary storyline didn't get much screen time at all because of how much the Zelena/Cora/Regina story took up. I didn't mind that one getting more time, but it would have been nice for the David/James story to get a little more time - maybe wrapping over into the next episode or something.

And Pan is back! But he and Rumple have no idea all the stuff that just went down with Zelena and Regina and everything. So I'm not sure what all is going to happen there.

The preview for next week makes me scared. Because if they kill off Killian in basically the same way they killed off Neal (and I'm sorry but that preview REALLY made it look like this could be a possibility) I will be so done with this show. I'm already this close to being done with it, but that would just push me over the edge.

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