Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Little Lit: Almost Super by Marion Jensen

Rafter Bailey can't wait to get his super power. He knows exactly the power he'd like to have, but when his power arrives precisely at 4:23 pm on February 29th, just like every other Bailey's has arrived he doesn't get quite what he'd hoped for. In fact, he and his brother Benny get the most useless super powers anyone in their family has ever had. How are they supposed to help defend the world against the evil Johnsons if the only thing he can do is strike a match on polyester? As the conflict between the Baileys and the Johnsons escalates, Rafter and Benny might have to actually join forces with Juanita Johnson in order to save the world from an even bigger threat.

What I Liked:

  • I found this a fun and really fast read. I can see why it's been compared to The Incredibles.
  • I liked Rafter's ability to plan and coordinate and the ways he could see problems in a different way.
  • Benny is so feisty! I loved him.
  • Juanita was a fun character as well and I liked the perspective she brought that added a nice twist I hadn't been expecting.
What I Would Have Liked:
  • I wish Rafter had used his strategy skills more. There were places where he could have had the opportunity to really showcase this strength and he didn't, which I found a little odd.
  • There were places the narrative felt a little rushed. I think there could have been a little deeper development of the characters, which would have strengthened the story overall.
  • I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes stories that play with the superhero trope.
  • I think this would be a good option for middle grade kids who don't really like reading, because it is fairly short, the chapters keep things moving, and there isn't a lot of complex vocabulary.
  • But I think any kids who like superheroes would enjoy this book.

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