Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Group Post: Blizzard Blitz

We're getting hammered right now in Orange County, NY with a blizzard that is expected to bring anywhere from one to two feet a snow.  It's the perfect day to stay indoors with a good book.  I asked the group for their favorite story featuring snow.

Every time, we get a major snowstorm, I think of The Baby Sitters Club: Super Special #7: Snowbound by Ann M. Martin in which a massive snowstorm hits Stoneybrook, CT causing all kinds of mayhem for the gang.  Stacey and her mom are stranded in their car on the way home from the mall; Jessi gets stuck at her dance school and Kristy acts hysterically awkward when the guy she is crushing on gets snowed in with her and her family.

I was going to pick The Baby-Sitters Club: Super Special #7 also but then I thought of Super Special #3: Winter Vacation by Ann M. Martin.  While on a class trip to a ski lodge, the girls become baby-sitters for a group of elementary school kids when their school bus has an accident in the snowy weather despite this, everyone ends up having a great time.

The Shining by Stephen King, a family with a psychic kid go to live in a hotel during the off season. Dad goes insane, tries to kill the family, hotel burns down, lots of snow.

Or, Downtown Owl by Chuck Klosterman,  There's a freak snowstorm that kills a woman trapped in her car. (Fortunately Stacey and her mom didn't meet the same fate).

To Build a Fire, a short story, by Jack London  It's the story of a man traveling on foot through a blizzard and it's aftermath desperately trying to keep himself from freezing to death.

As Red as Blood by Salla Simukka  This book reminded me of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for a YA audience,  Set in the harsh Finnish winter, this book features Lumikki who just wants to finish school and stay out of trouble but that's difficult to do when she stumbles into a plot involving thousands of blood soaked euros.   There are some plot holes and I think something is lost in translation but it is an entertaining and enjoyable mystery with slight fairy tale overtones.

Now what about you? What are some of your favorite snow/winter themed books?  Share with us!!


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JPBOA said...

"Heller With A Gun" Louis L'Amour. A Wyoming blizzard, a lone man on horseback delivering cash, someone on his trail & he knows it...