Wednesday, February 19, 2014

10 Things I Loved About Into the Still Blue by Veronica Rossi

So many great series are coming to an end and making me long for more! Last week I reviewed Tahereh Mafi's conclusion to the Shatter Me trilogy and today I'm giving you my 10 things about Veronica Rossi's trilogy ender.

Also, last night Jenn N., Eileen, and I (plus Jenn N.'s Dad) got to go to the Dark Days book signing in NYC and had an absolute blast. So now I'm reviewing my personalized and autographed copy of Into the Still Blue. Meeting favorite authors is my favorite thing in the world!

But enough exclamation points - here's what I loved about Into the Still Blue (spoilers ahead).

  1. Aria and Perry's relationship. Although the two of them got together in the first book, their relationship has been a bit of a journey. In this final book they are back together again. Last night Veronica said that this book is more the story arc of them as a couple rather than them individually and I definitely found that to be true. It was good for their characters and for the overall movement of the story that they were working as a team, but are still individuals as well.
  2. The alternating POV's. I know that this has been true throughout the series, but I appreciate the way the story continues to be told through both Aria's and Perry's eyes. They both see things differently and are involved in different aspects of the larger story, so you need both of their perspectives to really get the whole picture. I personally also have a tendency to write things from multiple POVs so I enjoy reading ones that are done well. Aria and Perry have distinctive voices, but have also become more alike as their relationship has deepened.
  3. Roar :( Poor Roar. I really did like his character arc in the final book. I liked that it took him time to work through the things that had happened in Through the Ever Night and that he's not miraculously "all better" even at the end. But I also liked the way that he does improve and how Aria and Perry are able to help him in different ways.
  4. Cinder. Pardon me while I go cry my eyes out please.
  5. Last night Ransom Riggs pointed out that this trilogy is kind of a person vs. nature conflict more than anything else, something Veronica pretty much agreed with. It's such an interesting thing that I hadn't really considered before, but it's pretty true - the aether storms are really the major antagonist - the thing that is threatening everyone's life and safety. But I also think that there are some pretty strong people antagonists in Hess and Sable, but they are also pretty nuanced (especially Hess) and make for some interesting conflict that Perry and Aria have to deal with.
  6. Soren. I never in a million years thought that I would love him, but his character arc was AMAZING and I would love to get a short story or novella from his perspective.
  7. It wasn't easy for them to escape Hess and Sable. I know this might seem like an odd thing, but I really liked how freaking hard it was for them to get out of the Komodo. Sometimes I feel like escape/rescue attempts in books and movies are way too easy. This hit the right note of being hard without keeping them stuck for too long either.
  8. Loran. LORAN! Holy. Cow. I can't believe Aria found her father. And the little tiny bit we get of his character wasn't nearly enough. Loved that reveal.
  9. Basically every secondary character. Even if they are the most minor character, I feel that Rossi gives them such life and personality.
  10. The ending. This was another trilogy that ended on a perfect note for me. There was loss and danger and sad things, but everything was necessary for the whole story that got told. And it ended at the right moment. Enough resolved to feel complete and satisfying without closing everything off so it feels like the characters only existed for this story. Ending on a high note.
So that's what I loved about it. What did you like?

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