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Downton Abbey 5.2

Greetings fellow Downtonians! Things never stay still for long, so let's take a look at the changing world of Downton Abbey from last week.

Jenn N: I love the relationship  between Isobel  and Violet. No matter your age or what decade you live in, apparently  you can't escape frenemies.

Rebecca T: HA! Frenemies is the absolutely perfect word. I've always enjoyed their banter, but I feel like it's really cranked up this season. And I think it's because there's just a smidgen bit more friend than enemy these days.

Jenn N: I loved the whole storyline with wireless. Rose's continued  hinting and badgering to talk Robert into  getting it for the house was adorable. His reluctance to get it and his dismissal of it as a "passing fad" made me wonder how he'd feel about today's technology. Robert  feared people would stare at the box and not each other  which sadly is exactly what happens  today with a lot of people and their smartphones. And I loved when they finally got the wireless at the house and what a big spectacle it was. I know I take the radio for granted these days. Seeing a time when it was revolutionary  really made me appreciate it in a new way especially my satellite radio. Rose would really go crazy with today's technology wouldn't she? Jazz on demand whenever she wanted!
I laughed though when they all stood up for the king's speech though.

Rebecca T: I found it interesting that Robert was so resistant to the wireless when he seemed a pretty big fan of some of the other technology. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong, but didn't he like the gramophone? And he put in lights and a telephone with limited balking (that I can remember). So I wonder what it was about the wireless specifically that bothered him. It was so neat to see their reaction to actually hearing the radio for the first time. And I loved that Rose's big argument was that, if the king is using it, surely we should too. She brings a lot of life to the house!

Jenn N: Also intriguing to me was what exactly did ladies use in those days to avoid "consequences ." I'd Google it but that'd probably take me to some peculiar  websites not safe for work. I understand  why Mary sent Anna to get the product but I really hope they pay Anna well because she's really gone over and above the call of duty for Mary. She covers up dead bodies and fetches what could be embarrassing products from the pharmacy  for her.

Rebecca T: Seriously. Anna has definitely gone far beyond her role as maid. Mary and Anna's conversation about birth control was so hilariously awkward. And the trip to the shop painful. I kept waiting for there to be some sort of repercussion, but maybe it's just my reaction to anything that happens in the show - when will this come back to bite someone later?

Jenn N: Not really sure how I feel about Tony. I certainly find him more attractive than Mary's other gentleman caller, but there is just something about him that makes me uneasy. I also don't really understand why all these guys fawn all over. She needs to relax a bit like her cousin Rose. I actually  can't believe Mary agreed to this rendezvous  with Tony. Perhaps Rose is rubbing off in her after all.

Rebecca T: I think Mary has changed quite a bit, especially since Matthew - he really got her to be more relaxed and I think that losing him has forced her to see things differently and reconsider what is important. Like her new perception on Tom. She realizes now that he's feeling a bit trapped and stands up for him to Robert. As for Tony. I actually do like him. Charles Blake is a complete jerk. But Tony has a much more relaxed rapport with Mary. But there is no way this rendezvous can possibly be as simple as they expect.

Jenn N: Speaking of not being simple, the cop showing up at the end asking about Mr Green has me worried. Hopefully everyone keeps their mouths shut about what they think they know about Mr Green's death.

Rebecca T: We talked about this last week. I really was hoping this story line was over and done. I really really just want Anna and Bates to have a little bit of peace. And in regards to Anna/Bates - I was really surprised that Thomas had that little moment with Anna. And it oddly didn't seem contrived?

Jenn N: Thomas confided in Anna that he knows he's not liked. He got kind of misty but I wasn't sympathetic  as he brings all this on himself by making everyone's life.  I'd like to see an explanation  as to why he does what he does. Does he just get off on humiliating people? Or does he just crave more power and money that his current social standing permits?

Rebecca T: I know he brings it all on himself, but I agree. I feel like him just being a jerk to be a jerk is really not enough reason anymore. I know he likes to further his own interests, but there are things he does that have no purpose other than to hurt other people. Like holding Murphy's past over her so she'll spy on Bates for him.

Jenn N: Baxter insisting that there was no good underlying reason why she robbed her former employer  is also interesting. I'm certain that she does have a good reason but on the other hand, the idea of her being a reformed criminal going straight would be cool to explore. Especially  if Mr Moleseley will accept her for who she really is.

Rebecca T: I kind of like the idea of Molesely and Baxter together. I really hope that he's able to get past his initial shock and become even more protective of her. But I don't buy that there wasn't another reason for her crime. And she kind of slightly admitted there was more to the story. The criminal gone straight is interesting, but I have a hunch there is more there.

Jenn N: I feel bad for the other Drewe children. Won't they feel slighted that this rich lady is showering their sister with money, love, and affection?  I have a feeling that Mrs. Drewe will bust up the godmother arrangement. However assuming she doesn't what would happen if Michael is found alive somewhere and returns to Edith? Would she tell him about Marigold? Would they they the take her from the Drewes?

Rebecca T:  I'm nervous about them not telling Mrs. Drewe. I really feel like she needs to know the truth. And I hadn't even thought about Michael still being alive. Oh. My. Werd. Wouldn't that be a twist!

Jenn N: Hughes and Carson; do you think he's interested her for more than friendship?

Rebecca T: First I'd just like to say that I think it's so funny when Carson and Mrs. Hughes fight. And I don't think Carson has any idea how often the two of them are actually not on the same page because Mrs. Hughes is so good at keeping secrets. I honestly don't know what I think about your question though. I feel like they've danced around this before, but I honestly don't think it would ever go that way.

Rebecca T: I do want to add something about the memorial, though. I think Robert is right, though he's certainly not going about expressing his opinion in the right way. I think the memorial should be in a place where people can see it regularly. It's all well and good to have these beautiful gardens and such, but if they are rarely used because you have to plan a trip out to it, what good is it really? But Robert was being a serious crankypants this whole episode. I kept wanting to shake him!

Jenn N: Robert needs to wake up. Simon is interested in more than the dog.

Rebecca T: Oh, I think he's well aware that Simon is interested in more than the dog. I think that was his way of letting Cora know that he saw the little flirtatiousness going on without outright confronting her. And can I just say, it's shocking enough to see Simon flirting with Cora, but I almost fell over when she flirted back!

Jenn N: And can Bunting give me some remedial math help too? I'm still bitter that I nev got my Regents diploma.

Rebecca T: Haha! I'm glad Daisy got so much out of the lesson, but I was seriously ticked at Sarah when she just announced the time she was coming without checking to make sure it would work for Daisy or not interfere with her job. Sarah may not like the aristocracy or agree with the family's politics, but that is no reason to put Daisy's job in any kind of stress or jeopardy. She is so thoughtless that I just want to scream.

So what did you think? Any insights into Tom's behavior? What do you think will happen to Tony and Mary? Do you think Michael will come back onto the scene?

Remember, no spoilers if you've seen more of the season!

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