Sunday, January 25, 2015

Downton Abbey 5.3

Back to the world of Downton! More intrigue, mysteries, and craziness have ensued!

Jenn N: The Bates debacle...I can't believe that the police are taking that woman's statement so seriously. It's also so vague that it could mean a lot of things. While Bates probably did push Mr. Green in front of the train, no one knows for sure and the "evidence" is circumstantial at best. Although I'm basing this on my modern day experience  as a paralegal so maybe standards were different then.

Rebecca T: I know. I'm honestly annoyed with this whole thread coming back. Can we please just let Anna and Bates have a tiny bit of happiness? And this feels like just rehashing old territory. There are so many more interesting things that could happen with them. Like a baby! I would love to see how that might change so many things within the household.

Jenn N: It cracked me up that Tom and Edith thought that Mary's sketching trip was rather sketchy. Spratt really should have kept his nose in his own business but I loved the look on the Dowager's face when he told her and her quick and smooth cover story.

Rebecca T: I love that Tom and Mary are getting along so well now. They make a really great team. Violet is so quick on the lies. It's kind of ridiculous. She's so smooth with her cover up for Mary.

Jenn N: As for my favorite frenemies, I loved when Isobel got to turn the tables on Violet and chide her about the Russian man (whose name I can't remember ) who not only seemed interested in her but remembered  her fondly from a wedding they both attended years ago. Despite Violet's dismissive comments, I think she had feelings for him once upon a time too. It would be interesting to see what if anything develops there.

Rebecca T: Speaking of smooth cover ups... her reaction makes me believe that there is a lot more to the story of her and the Russian gentleman than she's saying. Here's hoping we get more of her salacious past ;)

Jenn N: And we finally got to hear Baxter's secret. Only it wasn't that shocking. She got involved with the wrong man and took the heat for him. She hasn't seen him since but what do you bet he shows up one day to cause trouble.

Rebecca T: Ooh! I hadn't thought about the guy showing up at Downton. Man, that could really cause some problems. And talking about setting things up for future trouble, I'm curious as to what is going to happen if Bates stumbles across the birth control that Mary gave Anna.

Jenn N: Yes, Mary once again imposes on Anna by making her take home the birth control. I'm not sure how but I bet that being in the Bates home will cause some kind of problem.

Rebecca T: I can't figure out how it would, but I wonder if it will end up causing more issues in the Mr. Green investigation (I have no reason to believe it would except they are both mysteries/secrets connected to Bates).

Jenn N: Speaking of sketchy behavior, what's Thomas up to? He called about an advertisement then told Carson his father was ill and took time off to visit with him. Lying about that certainly won't help him to get more people to like him. Although it did shed a little light on why he's so nasty, he revealed his father was nasty to him.

Rebecca T: I really think there is more to that story than he's telling (obviously). The father story smells like some sort of cover up to me.

Jenn N: Ms. Bunting may be a great academic teacher but she could use some tutoring herself on manners!!

Rebecca T: These are the things that make me hate Sarah. She's invited and she knows it's at the last minute. She is a GUEST in this house with Tom, whom she claims as a friend, and she just has zero filter whatsoever. Manners indeed! And I'm concerned that she's going to sow the wrong kind of discontent in Daisy. I love that Daisy wants to learn and if she doesn't want to stay as a cook, fine, but that's what she is right now and she needs a job.

Jenn N: And poor Robert he so desperately  wants please Cora but he's mucking it up. Romantic gestures are nice but she wants him to value her brains not just as arm candy.

Rebecca T: I can't believe that Cora is being so flirty, but Robert is being such an idiot. I feel like things would be so much better if he would just tell her that he feels jealous! Instead he's just putting his foot in his mouth over and over and ticking Cora off.

Jenn N: He needs to start focusing a bit more on what she was trying to tell him when she felt valued during the war.

Rebecca T: I think the most heartbreaking moment in this episode was seeing Edith's face when Sybbie and George were brought in. I think they need to bring Mrs. Drewe in on the secret or something.

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