Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Laydown Lowdown

It's the first Tuesday in March!  Where is this year going?  Time is flying by way too fast isn't it?  I'm keeping on top of my reading goal of two books a week.  How are you guys doing?  Perhaps, you'll include these latest releases in your "to read," lists. 

Romance lovers will want to catch, "True Highland Spirit," by Amanda Forester or learn why they should, "Never Trust a Scoundrel," by Heather Grothaus.  Things may look "Perfect on Paper," by Janet Goss but it's really "A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing," by Terry Spear.

Over in Sci-Fi, beware the "Nightborn," by Lynn Viehl or you may be making a "Dying Wish," by Shannon K Butcher Hopefully "A Rising Thunder," by David Webber will make it a  "Fair Game," by Patricia Briggs. 

There is a "Cold Wind," by C.J. Box (Joe Pickett #11) in Mystery today.  It's no match for "The Thief," (Isaac Bell #5) by Clive Cussler who is "Chasing Midnight," (Doc Ford #19) by Randy Wayne White.  Hopefully he can outrun the "Agony of the Leaves," by Laura Childs.

 "Balthazar," by Claudia Gray is on the move to YA today.  You probably wouldn't want to "Embrace" him by Jessica Shirvinton today.  He's most likely "Rivals," you by Lauren Kunze.

So there you have your highlights in new releases this week.   Happy Reading and remember to support your local bookstore whenever possible.  Just because our blog is online, it doesn't mean your shopping has to be.

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