Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sundays with Neubie the Truebie (Episode 67, "In the Evening")

Happy Truebie Sunday everyone! Last week was another wild and heart-breaking episode.

Bill made his way back home after taking out most of the vamp camp security and was surprised to see Eric show up at his door.  Eric and Nora were successful in escaping vamp camp with Willa's help.  Eric begged Bill to help save Nora by feeding her the  blood of Lilith.  Nora refused and said she'd rather die than drink her blood again.  Sara was horrified to find Senator Burrell's de-capitated head and briefly mourned his passing before anointing herself the new leader of the anti-vampire crusade.

Meanwhile back inside vamp camp, Willa stayed behind and warned Jessica and Tara not to drink the True Blood as it had been tainted with Hep-V.  Jason successfully infiltrated the vamp camp guard and met up with Jessica.  He told her was attempting to rescue her.  She told him that she didn't want to be rescued, not because she had what Jason referred to as "stockholder's syndrome," (lol) but because she felt so awful for killing Andy's fae children and her other mis-deeds.  Jason reminded her of the goodness in her and offered to help her in anyway possible.  She asked him to get James so she could thank him in person for backing out of the copulation study.  Jason complied and arranged a meeting for them.  Jessica warned James of the tainted True Blood and after James told her how he believed vampires could make choices to do good, Jessica asked him to make love to her, while poor Jason waited outside.  Unfortunately for Jason this wasn't the worst of his problems as now with Senator Burrell out of the picture and Sara in control, she called him out on his undercover operation and threw him into the ladies general population unit for the women to feed on.  Gen pop is a happening place as Pam used the psychiatrist's attraction to her to secure her a spot there too.  She obviously has an escape plan in mind.

While enjoying the sun in Faery with Ben, Sookie heard Arlene crying in the cemetery below and returned to comfort her.  She took Arlene back to the Bellefleur residence and was surprised as was everyone there when Bill day walked in and offered his condolences to Arlene and Andy as well as telling Andy how sorry he was for the loss of his daughters.  Sookie and Lafayette then headed off to the bank to see what Terry left in the safety deposit box and they discovered a life insurance policy worth a million dollars.  They decided to keep it quiet for a few days until Arlene was a little more coherent.

Back over at the Compton residence, Nora continued to get sicker and sicker.  Erica and Nora reminisced over when they first met and became "family," as she she fell into a comatose state.  Bill returned and gave her some of his blood but unfortunately, it wasn't enough to save her as she later turned into a literal puddle of vampire goo.

Sam learned of Terry's passing and decided to return home despite Alcide's threats.   He told Nicole to return home to her mother and after some shower sex, they parted ways.  Unfortunately, Rikki was hot on their trail and she kidnapped Nicole and her mother.  I still don't understand why.  I think wolves are just crazy.

What are you thoughts on last week's episode?  How do you think Bil and Eric will rescue their progeny and the other vampires at vamp camp?  There is only 3 episodes left this season, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out and there are rumors that even more beloved characters won't survive 'till Season 7.

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