Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sundays with Neubie the Truebie (Episode 69, "Life Matters")

It's finally here!  The Season 6 finale airs in just a few hours.  Where did these past 10 weeks go?  Last week's episode was action packed and in my option one of the best in some time.

The episode opened where the previous week's left off.  Bill and Sookie arrived in Faery and found Benlow drained and looking near death.  Bill was angry as he wanted Benlows blood to take back to save the vampires at Vamp Camp from meeting the sun.  Sookie meanwhile was just concerned for Ben's welfare and tried to feed him by gnawing at her own wrist.  Bill didn't help her and they fought.  She ended up using her faerie light on him to shoot him out of Faery and told him to chase after Eric and use him to feed the vampires.  Ben started to recover and reminded Sookie that she pledged to be his.  She said she'd be his after she made an appearance at Terry's funeral.  Ben reluctantly let her go as she beamed on down for the service.

All of Bon Temps had turned out for the service including Tara's mother who is now the pastor's wife.  This answered my burning question from the other as to what exactly happened to Tara's mom after she sobered up.  Terry was eulogized by Andy, Portia, Sookie, and Arlene through touching flashbacks.  Mrs. Fortenberry told Sookie that Hoyt is doing well in Alaska and has a girlfriend, who is ugly but thankfully not a red-headed vampire whore.  She's sweet, isn't she.  Alcide got all dressed up and showed up to comfort Sookie.  He offered to sit with her but she was holding out hope that Jason would show up.

Jason of course was otherwise occupied with everyone else at Vamp Camp.  Eric arrived at Vamp Camp and killed everyone in his path.  He released the males in general population and they ran wild through the facility enacted revenge on their captors.  Sarah probably regretted her decision to wear a white suit that day and hid under the bodies of her deceased colleagues.  Eric then freed the ladies in general population and came across a very weak Jason.  Eric gave him some of his blood to speed the healing and told him to "think of nice things" when Jason dreamed of him.  Jason then helped Eric find the room where the vampires were to meet the sun.  They raced off to rescue Pam, Tara, Jessica and the others as Sarah climbed the outside of the room to open the vent that would allow the sun in.  Jason, Eric, and especially Sarah were stunned to see that the vampires were feeding off of a very weakened Bill.  The vampires all took a moment to appreciate their freedom and the sun.  Jessica and James tended to Bill who had a vision of Lilith and her lackeys informing him that he could remain on earth no more.  However, Jessica and James were able to bring him back to consciousness and they left the circular room together where the other vampires continued to frolic in the sun and smash up the containers of tainted Tru Blood.  Jason went to take on Sarah but at the last minute he let her escape as he refused to play God like she had.  Hopefully he won't come to regret his change of heart.  Pam and Eric gave each other a significant look just before he flew off for who knows where while Pam remained on the ground and begged him not to leave just yet.

Where did Eric go?  I guess we'll find out tonight.  Perhaps he went to try and stop the deliveries of the tainted Tru Blood? Maybe he went to finish off Benlow to prevent him from turning Sookie?  Perhaps Niall will be able to free himself from the faerie hell dimension?  Will Bill continue to cheat the true death and fend off Lilith?  Tonight will certainly be quite the finale.  What do you hope to see tonight?

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