Sunday, February 21, 2016

Downton Abbey 6.7

Another week closer to the end...

But let's not think about that - let's talk about last week's episode as we get ready for tonight!

Rebecca T: I have to start with my favorite exchange of the week:
Daisy: "Oh my God"
Mrs. Hughes: "Don't take the name of the Lord in vain!"
Daisy: "I hope it's not in vain - I need all the help I can get!"
Daisy cracks. me. up.
It was nice to see all of her studying and plans coming to fruition, but I think what I loved the most was Mr. Molesley getting the recognition he deserves for how hard he's worked to educate himself. The look on his face when the school master complimented him made me tear up.

Jenn N: I love Mr Molesely so it's great to finally see him getting this respect he deserves. And I'm glad that Andy is getting help with his reading but I feel bad that Thomas is once again misplaced.

Rebecca T: I knew no one was going to make fun of Andy for not being able to read. I really wonder if he is dyslexic or has some other learning disability. It was nice of Thomas to try to help him, but I'm glad he's getting more professional help since that wasn't working.

Rebecca T: I know I've been a hostile toward Carson's attitude, so I was excited to see what Mrs. Patmore's idea was and I was not disappointed! That plan was so much better and more effective than dumping a plate in his lap or smashing a pie into his face.

Jenn N: Mrs Patmore's plan was awesome. I loved watching Carson puttering around and trying to cook. Hopefully he has new-found respect for Mrs Hughes cooking efforts.

Rebecca T: And then, of course, there was the race. (side note, I adored Mary's outfit) I knew something was going to go horribly wrong and I'm really glad Mary broke it off. Something just doesn't feel right about Talbot and, as much as I absolutely adore Tom and love the care and brotherly love he shows Mary, I don't think he's right on this. Mary and Talbot are all kinds of wrong for each other.

Jenn N: I'm also glad that Mary broke things off with the racer. It was a shame she had to it on the day his friend died but he was really pressing things too far with her.

Rebecca T: I definitely sensed them nudging Tom toward Edith's editor. As much as I like her in the little bit we've seen of her, I'm kind of annoyed at the feeling like they're desperately trying to pair everyone up because heaven forbid anyone (upstairs or down) be left single. Ahem. But one couple I'm excited to see move things forward is Edith and Bertie. They are so adorable together and I'm so glad he's been there for Edith through all of these things. I just hope she tells him the truth about Marigold before the wedding.

Jenn N: I hope that Edith does tell Bertie the truth about Marigold. He seems like he'd understand.

Rebecca T: I can't believe Violet just ran off like that, but the puppy is so cute.

Jenn N: Does this show really have to end?!!!!!

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