Sunday, February 14, 2016

Downton Abbey 6.6

And here we are another week closer to the end of the series. Hard to believe it will all be over soon. Maybe Jenn N and Rebecca can host a rewatch from the beginning some time! But for now, let's talk about last week's episode as we prepare for tonight.

Rebecca T: I found it funny how similar the debates over why they should/shouldn't show the house were. The look on Carson's face when Robert jokingly suggested showing "Lady Grantham knitting" or "Lady Mary in the bath" was priceless.

Jenn N: My favorite moment from last week was when Violet confronted Cora about her new position on the hospital - in front of all the "common people" during the estate tour. It was a little out of character to make a public spectacle but I guess her rage got the bed best for her and boy did I find it hilarious. I also thought it was interesting how little the family knew about the art and their own estate. It showed that they take a lot for granted.

Rebecca T: Violet's tour of the dining room was really quite hilarious. And pretty much as intelligent as anything else the others had to say. Part of me was surprised none of them knew much about the history, but part of me wasn't. They live there, but they don't need to know who painted what and why there are no markings on the shields over the fireplace in order to have tea. I do wish Mr. Molesley had been able to chime in, though.

Jenn N: I hope Molesley's possible at the local school works out. Being we're on the final few episodes, it's seems most everyone is moving on to bigger things. I hope the show closes with everyone settled and happy.

Rebecca T: I totally saw that coming with Molesley, but I'm thrilled I hope he does get to work with the school. It would be so great and it would open a footman spot, too. I don't know if Thomas would be willing to "step down" but it could solve that problem as well.

Jenn N: Carson also didn't do a great job trying to "gently" fire Mr. Barrow. This probably wasn't done in the 20s but it's a shame that Barrow can't stay on as a male nanny. He's so good with the kids and little George seems to adore him.

Rebecca T: Haha! I thought the exact same thing. It is too bad it's far too progressive for him to be a "manny" - I guess he's not educated enough to be a tutor, either, which is probably what George would need soon. And while I do wish that people wouldn't just to conclusions, the truth of the matter is that Thomas has spent years making a very elaborate bed of tricks, lies, and undermining authority, and now he's ruing having to lie in it, but it's really all his own fault.

Jenn N: Carson is still struggling to navigate tact in his role of husband. I think he needs to accept the fact that his wife isn't the best cook and either learn to cook himself or just eat all their meals back at the big house.

Rebecca T: Quite honestly, I'm waiting for Mrs. Hughes to blow up in his face. I feel like it would have done her good to just drop the plate in his lap when he was complaining. He's treating her like an employee instead of a wife and she needs to be honest with him about how she feels.

Jenn N: Meanwhile Daisy seems intent on trying to sabotage any relationship between Mrs. Patmore and Mr. Mason. I hope Mrs. Patmore's B&B that's due to open soon is a success.

Rebecca T: I honestly don't think I "ship" Mrs. Patmore and Mr. Mason, mostly because it will feel like they're just trying to marry everyone off before the end of the series. But I do think they're adorable as friends and Daisy needs to just calm herself down a little.

Jenn N: I've said it before but I really like Tom and Mary's relationship. It's grown so much. He's become her closest friend and confidant. Although it does seem a tad like Tom is encouraging Mary to date the race car driver due to Tom's own interest in cars.

Rebecca T: It is nice to see the inclusion of Tom in these gatherings with Mary's friends. I love their relationship and his comment "I'm a car mechanic, thank you very much" cracked me up. I don't know whether Tom is encouraging Mary or what, but I really don't like the relationship between Mary and Talbot. It feels very forced and I would rather see Mary single than in a relationship just because. On the other hand, the chemistry between Edith and Herbert is adorable. That's the kind of relationship I was hoping she would end up with.

So, what's up this week for our intrepid cast of characters? We can't wait to find out!

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