Sunday, February 7, 2016

Downton Abbey Episode 6.5

Everyone else may be ready for the Super Bowl, but we're waiting breathlessly for the next installment of Downton Abbey.

Rebecca T: I hadn't had a chance to watch the episode live, since I was live tweeting Grease Live on our BWOBNY account. When I got home from work on Monday I received this from Jenn N and knew I needed to watch the episode as soon as possible:
So shall we start with the elephant in the room?

Jenn N: I think we can both agree that Robert's sudden attack at the dinner table was the most shocking part of the episode.

Rebecca T: I have been dreading something happening to Robert (and wondering why Cora hasn't insisted he go get more thoroughly checked out with his ongoing complaints), but I certainly didn't expect to see that at the dinner table.
Sorry, Jenn N sent this to Rebecca T
and so we're torturing you with it now
Jenn N: I found it a little odd that Cora and Violet could continue a conversation about the hospital plans while Robert could possibly be dying. I'm assuming maybe they are just in shock.
I myself was screaming "oh my God" and holding on to my blanket for dear life.

Rebecca T: I was trying to make sure I didn't disturb my upstairs neighbor so I was screaming into my own blanket to muffle the sound.

Jenn N: It takes a lot these days for TV to shock and surprise, this scene certainly did it.

Rebecca T: It certainly did. But I'm not sure what I feel about the goriness of the scene. I feel like they could have done it more - well, more Downton style and less GoT style. But it certainly made an impression!

Jenn N: This also made Thomas appreciate all that the Crawleys have done for him. I like that we're getting to see a softer side of Thomas this season.

Rebecca T: I have always been conflicted over Thomas' character and I feel like he has been written very unevenly. There have been a couple (very couple) of times I've felt sorry for him and a very very couple of times I've liked him (him playing with the kiddles this season was one), but then he does something like calling Gwen out last week that just makes me roll my eyes and shake my head. Especially when he's annoyed that people don't like him. Like have you looked at your life? Okay, but I did like the way he approached Andy and offered to help him read. But my cynical "I don't trust Thomas as far as I could throw him" side wonders what Thomas' ulterior motive is.

Jenn N: I also think Andy is sweet on Daisy. Why else would he suddenly decide to help Mr. Mason with the farm. Hopefully Daisy takes the hint.

Rebecca T: Hm. I didn't really get that vibe from him, but I suppose it's possible. I seem to remember him saying something in an earlier episode about enjoying being in the country and wanting to learn more about farming, but I can't remember exactly what it was. I'm also, personally, not sure I want Daisy paired off at this point.

Jenn N: It also seems that Mr. Mason is keen on Mrs. Patmore. I think they'd make a nice match. It's cute how Daisy is a little jealous. It's always hard when "dad" finds a new girlfriend.

Rebecca T: Daisy has changed so much and yet stayed so much the same. It was also really cute to see her admitting to the stupidity of some of her actions. I really kind of want her to go off and be this great independent woman who starts her own restaurant or something. I don't know. I'd just like to see her do more with everything she's learned at Downton.

Jenn N: And I felt so bad for Mrs. Hughes. I guess she never had much occasion to cook for herself so she's not so skilled at it. If only Carson could've asked Mrs. Patmore privately to give his new wife some cooking hints so as not to embarrass her.

Rebecca T: Seriously. Carson was making me so mad. He can't treat Mrs. Hughes like one of his underlings like that. It's a recipe for a very unhappy marriage. I do kind of like the way they're struggling to make the transition after being very independent single people for so long.

Jenn N: And of course Denker had to use her "I know you harbored your fugitive nephew" card against Spratt to keep her job. Since Thomas is changing for the better, it seems Denker is our new "villain."

Rebecca T: I knew that she was going to hold that over Spratt's head sooner or later, but seriously. She's worse than O'Brien I think.

Jenn N: I'm curious to see where Mary's relationship with the race car driver goes. He's good looking and a nice chap but what do they really have in common? Does he want to be George's step-father? I love that Mary and Tom have become close enough for Tom to give her relationship advice.

Rebecca T: First off, I was really surprised that Mary agreed to go see a car race. But I agree. They don't seem to have much in common and there really isn't any chemistry there either, at least in my opinion. But I loved how Tom was like stop playing games and just spend time together if you want for Pete's sake. It's so great to have Tom back.

Jenn N: The prospect of losing her father, also seemed to soften Mary as she stayed close to Edith for the evening. I'd really like to see these two get along better. Not only because they're siblings but they now have quite a bit in common. They're both single mothers trying to work and live their lives in a decade of change.

Rebecca T: It has been nice to see the two of them starting to be a bit less hostile and even share moments of connection (like when Robert offered Carson the servant's hall). They're both older now and have gone through a lot that seems to have started pulling them together. I too would like to see them more completely reconcile, even if it's not a bit overt moment.

Jenn N: I'm wondering though how Mary will proceed with the knowledge that Marigold may be Edith's daughter. I'm actually surprised that she didn't connect the dots sooner.

Rebecca T: Oh yes. I think Mary can just be very self-involved and since Marigold had little to do with her, she just didn't care enough to pay attention. I'm hoping this brings them closer rather than driving a wedge. Also, Edith and Herbert are adorable together. I really really hope they find happiness together. On a side note, I loved the little moment of seeing Cora and Robert as grandparents. That was an adorable scene.

So. What do you think is coming next for the folks at Downton? Only a couple of hours before we can lose ourselves in their world again.

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