Saturday, February 4, 2012

Meet and Greet

As booksellers, we've been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet some great authors whether it was at our store, a trade event, or a road trip to an author signing.  Still there are many authors we haven't met.  Here is our wish list of authors we'd love to chat with.

Alan wants to meet Edgar Rice Burroughs.  If you've been reading this blog regularly, you'll remember that Alan is a big fan of this classic science-fiction writer who fostered his love of reading.

Claire would like to sit down with Alan Bradley and Alexander McCall Smith.  She loves Bradley's "Flavia de Luce" series and admires Smith's uncanny ability to write from a woman's perspective so well

Jess B. would've liked hole up with J.D. Salinger for a bit and tell him how much his works like "A Catcher in the Rye," inspired her.  If she did have the opportunity to meet him, I bet her cake pops would've roused him out of seclusion.

Jess P. would like to take a few minutes for some girl talk with Meg Cabot, the best-selling author who is most known for "The Princess Diaries" series.  Jess would to know Cabot was able to write other books in other YA genres like mystery and supernatural so well.  Cabot wrote other series like "1-800-WHERE-R-YOU," and "The Mediator" under pen names before she rose to fame.  Jess wants to know how Cabot feels about these books finally being released under her real name.

Mallory would've liked to have boarded a wagon with Laura Ingalls Wilder for a bit.  She would like to praise her for being able to write about her life with such detail.  Claire, who is also a writer, would've liked to have met her too.  As a fan of the TV show, I would've like to chat with her a bit as well and find out how she felt about the creative licenses the show took with her life story.

Naomi, wanted to have been able to make a trek to meet J.R.R. Tolkein to talk with him about his work with Icelandic Sagas and his creation of the Elvish language,  Dwarvish history and pretty much anything and everything about Middle-Earth, the Silmarillion and Roverandom.

Rachel, as readers of this blog are aware, is a huge Harry Potter fan.  Needless to say, her obvious choice of author to meet is J.K. Rowling.  However she said, "she's so magnificent that I fear that looking directly at her will destroy any mortal."  So instead she'd like to meet Chuck Klosterman.  She wants to make a great impression on him like the Cracker Barrel Kafka girl in "Killing Yourself to Live" but fears she'd end up saying "ohmagoshiloveyousomuchimahugefan."

Rebecca is currently working on a thesis about the works of LM. Montgomery.  She'd love to chat with the "Anne of Green Gables," author regarding research for her paper.  She wouldn't just be using this meet-up as a way to score an easy-A.  She is a fan of her books and would've loved the opportunity to get to know her better.

Like Rachel, I'm intimidated to meet one of my authors too.  Back when Bret Easton Ellis was promoting "Imperial Bedrooms," I passed on an opportunity to meet him at a signing in NYC.  I was too afraid to go all "fangirl" which I know he'd detest.  I would've to have asked him how much of "Lunar Park," was really his life story and what parts were totally fabricated.  Then I'd want to know if the parts he made up where things he'd wanted for himself in life or just pure fiction.  I'd also like to ask him what makes him decide to get up the middle of the night for to tweet movie reviews and random  musings on pop culture on Twitter.  

Now, who would you like to meet?  We'd love you to share with us!  Post below, "like" us on Facebook (look for Booksellers Without Borders NY," and follow us on Twitter, @borderlessbooks. 


Durham Dad said...

I think I would love to meet John Steinbeck, J K Rowling and any one of the four gospel writers.

Anonymous said...

I would like to meet Sergeant John Ordway...(journals of Lewis & Clark)
so much to ask him....esp @ Sacagawea...

btw great blog!