Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Book Club 101

Since this blog started as a book club, our monthly meetings (and group book club posts) are still favorites of mine. And now that we have passed the one year mark for both I thought you might like to get a glimpse into the magic of book club. You know, in case you ever want to start one yourself.

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So here you have it: A typical BWOBNY book club meeting!

5:45-6:15 Book club members wander in carrying various goodies and munchies. We are blessed that Jenn N's Dad lets us invade his house every month so we have a consistent, central, and quiet location. Plus, a book club cat.

6:15 We stand in the kitchen and talk as we wait for Jenn N's baked ziti to finish.
Meanwhile we all eat Eileen's veggie tray and Rebecca and Grammy T's chili cheese dip.

6:18 Rebecca T throws Rory off the food table.

6:23 Jess B shows at least one funny YouTube video on her phone.

6:27 Grammy T sits down.

6: 29 Rebecca T throws Rory off the food table.

6:32 Rory attacks NaomiRuth's shoes.

6:41 Eileen throws Rory off the food table.

6:45 Jenn N takes the baked ziti out of the oven and puts it on the table.

6:46 Everyone stares at it.

6:47 Jenn N washes off serving spoon for ziti.

6:48 Rory jumps in the sink.

6:50 Grammy T throws Rory off the food table.

6:52 Eileen announces, "Well, I'm hungry" and digs into the ziti thereby freeing everyone else to follow suit.

6:55 Everyone has piled their plate high and moved to the dining room table.
Brief silence as food is consumed

7:00 Eileen and Grammy T grumble about inventory and crazy Hobby Lobby customers.
Rebecca T and Rachelyons grumble about crazy B&N customers.

7:05 Jenn smirks over not having to deal with crazy retail customers anymore.

7:08 Rory hangs from Albert's arm.

7:15 Jenn talks about clown horror movie.

7:16 Everyone stares at creepy clown doll in corner.

7:17 Jess B references Doctor Who.

7:20 We talk about the book club book.

7:25 Rebecca T and Jenn N make a Friends joke.

7:30 Jenn N and Jess B start talking about soap operas.

7:31 Grammy T, Eileen, Rachelyons, and Rebecca T begin debate about Once Upon a Time mid-season finale.

7:35 Rebecca T references Doctor Who.

7:37 Rory attacks Albert's head.

7:41 More talk of crazy customers.

7:54 Apples to Apples is brought out.

7:56 Eileen brings out frozen oreo pie of all that is good in the world.

8:00 Boisterous Apples to Apples game begins.

8:47 Date for next book club is set.

8:48 Next book choice debated.

10:02 Eileen wins all the hands of Apples to Apples.

10:05 Book choice debated and made.

10:07 Members begin to pack up and head out, content and ready for next month's meeting.

So there you have it! It may not be a conventional book club, but we love it. Do you do anything different or unusual at your book club? If you aren't part of a book club, what things would you want to do at a book club meeting? Do tell!

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Unknown said...

You guys wouldn't get nearly as much done if I were there.