Monday, April 29, 2013

Fairy Interesting - OUAT "The Evil Queen"

2.20 "The Evil Queen"

So tonight Regina proves, in both flashback fairy world and in Storybrooke, that she is the evil queen and that, although she will continually blame everyone around her, it is her choices that are making her truly the "evil queen."

Henry and Emma start conniving again in their adorable way with Project Praying Mantis trying to uncover the truth about Tamara. But unfortunately, Emma comes off like a jealous ex and Tamara goes running around with Greg doing crazy plots with Hook.

Speaking of whom - Hook seriously needs to stop making deals with people because he is getting the short end of the stick every single time. And he really doesn't learn his lesson. Even if his Regina deal was a set up, it's completely indicative of every other time he's trusted one of the "bad" guys.

The overriding theme tonight was revenge, of course, but more specifically how the lust for revenge can completely overtake someone's life and eat away everything they really care about.

Regina lost Henry once and she is losing him more and more every minute. She can't take away all his memories. He loved her when he was her son, but he was a lot younger and a lot more naive. Now he has seen her for who she has become and he can't forget all of that. And even IF she could make him forget I think she knows deep down that it wouldn't actually be Henry loving her.

She destroys her own life in flashback fairy world through her actions. She can blame Snow all she wants, but everyone knows that as long as she is ordering entire towns to be slaughtered then she is evil.

I loved the hint we get that she could have been redeemed and it makes her waffling in the present more believable to me. But I still feel like her reason for going totally evil is weak. How does she turn so quickly from "Kill everyone!" to "I want to be family!" to "Kill everyone!"? Except, of course, the fairy tale base of the show does lend itself to that dichotomy (as I pointed out about last week's episode).

side note: I really dislike the fact that Regina can look like anyone she wants. It makes everyone suspect and I hate that.

It's a good thing Regina stole that bean because otherwise no one would be going anywhere. Unless they could get Jefferson to make a hat!!!

Hook had the real speech of the evening sounding a bit Inigo Montoya as he realizes that without revenge he won't have anything left. But even with that they all push forward to wreak the revenge they think they want so badly.

Greg is looking for revenge for his father (and still hoping to find him) but we now learn he has some other agenda - which the presence of Tamara has made pretty clear. That and his obsession with the magic since he arrived.

I do want to know what Neal is doing while Tamara is running around with Greg all the time. I don't know why Neal doesn't seem to notice that she spends a lot of time NOT with him. And btw Tamara and Greg totally make me want to blerfgh everywhere.

However, the fact that they can overcome magic with science is pretty freakin' amazing.

Emma is the only one not actively seeking revenge, but she is the one who comes across as the most crazy. She does seem like the jealous ex, but there's reason for that. There is still a connection there no matter how much either of them ignores or denies it. And Henry is astute enough to see it. It might be partly wishing, but I think that he's seeing some of the truth Emma won't let herself see.

And I can't believe that Emma is still hiding things from Henry. No one has told him about the beans? For real!? Stupid people. Didn't they learn anything about keeping things from Henry?

So how does this all play out? What will the finale bring? I'm quite interested to find out!

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