Thursday, April 11, 2013

Herbert's Wormhole

Wombly and I read this on the Nook we got for Christmas :)

Book Details:
  • Written by Peter Nelson
  • Illustrated by Rohitash Rao                           (for Down Unders: be aware that this illustrator doesn't just do drawings for Down Unders, so you may want to stick to the book website, link found below, for more info on the illustrator.)
  • Published by Harper Collins
  • (who was the publishing company that published A Series of Unfortunate Events)

Important things to know:

  • Alex is obsessed with video games. The kind where he gets to slay aliens.
  • His mom and dad set up a play date with him and the nerdy next door neighbor Herbert.
  • A time/space portal opens in Alex's backyard
  • Wacky time adventures ensue.

Wombly and I liked this book because:

  • It was a lot of fun
  • The sense of place was very clear - Wombly and I felt like we had lived in the world while we were reading the book
  • The characters were fantastic
  • The main character Alex is kind of a jerk ~ but he's a fun character because there's a lot of room for growth in imperfect characters
  • Wombly loved how Herbert is so incredibly over-the-top nerdy
  • I love Sammi ~ I love strong female characters
  • I loved the scene where Alex loses his memories of video games.
  • Wombly loved how Nelson played with the time traveling into the future thing - - I don't want to give away details, but Wombly and I enjoyed the old man they meet in the future.

I read this because:

  • I read the Time Warp Trio.
(Random Fact: the first three books in the Time Warp series was re-published by HarperCollins in 2006/2007; the same publisher that published Herbert's Wormhole)

Check out the book's website!

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Jenn N. said...

Wait-is it just the angle of the photo or is Wombly missing an eye? The poor little guy should get a patch like Pirate Xander. Regardless, I'm glad he's back helping you review books.