Thursday, April 18, 2013

Press Here

Book Details:

  • Written and Illustrated by Herve Tullet (who is French, so if you can read French you can experience his website in French.)
  • Published by Chronicle Books
  • It has been translated into other languages, like Russian.

Wombly and I Loved this Book Because:
  • I could sit and read it again and again and still be amused each time
  • It's a great book for helping a child's imagination, I think
  • I love the colors of it
  • Wombly enjoyed that he could interact with the book
  • I love that I could sit in the library and giggle to myself over a board book. There's some kind of magic in a book that allows you to do that. Or, as the Chronicle Books page for this book will tell you: "It's not magic. It's the power of your imagination."

I Read This Book Because:

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