Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Being Me by Lisa Renee Jones

"Being Me," by Lisa Renee Jones, the second installment in the "Inside Out" trilogy picks up right where "If I Were You," left off.  Budding art buyer Sara McMillan got way more than she bargained for when she set out to figure out what happened to Rebecca, the star of the journals she uncovered.  Sara's hunt led her right back into the storage locker where she discovered the journals only to be trapped inside with an ominous intruder lurking around outside.  Fortunately for Sara, she is promptly rescued by her own knight - or artist - in shinning armor, her boyfriend Chris.  Chris and Sara soon become closer than ever when he asks her to move in with him and a secret Sarah shares with him strengthens their bond.  Unfortunately, a tragedy soon rocks Chris' world and their blossoming romance takes another hit when Sarah's nagging doubts about whether Chris' past is truly in the past, coupled with her determination to find Rebecca at any cost, put her in more danger than she ever imagined.

"Being Me," is a very entertaining read.  The sex is extremely hot and the mystery surrounding Rebecca's disappearance will keep you guessing.  The secrets of Sara and Chris' respective pasts that are revealed and add dimension to these already intriguing characters.  The ups and downs of their relationship are a bit melodramatic but isn't that the fun of any romance novel?  "Being Me," by Lisa Renee Jones is a fast, fun, and frisky read that is perfect for the beach or a lazy Sunday.  Look for it in bookstores and e-bookstores June 11th.

Please note, I received no financial compensation for this review.  Special thanks for NetGalley and Gallery Books for providing me with a digital review copy in exchange for a fair review.

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