Saturday, June 15, 2013

Staff Picks: Father's Day Edition

Father's Day is tomorrow and if you still haven't gotten shopping, we have some last minute ideas for you to look for in your favorite local bookstore.

Rachel is getting her dad, "Joyland," by Stephen King.  She traditionally gets him King's latest every year and his new crime novel is sure to please both King fans and non.

 Rebecca always gets her pops a Ted Dekker novel. He's "a great author for books with a weird twist. Many of his books have a thriller aspect to them and there's often some sort of spiritual element as well."  Dekker has many novels to choose from but Mr. T's favorites are "Three," "House," and "Blink of an Eye." 

Jess P.'s pick will be a bit harder to track down for your dad.  "Spanning the World," by Len Bernman, a witty sportcaster for ABC7 is out of print but is available as an e-book.  So, if your dad has a reader, you can download it for him or perhaps consider getting him a giftcard to your favorite bookstore where he can select books of his own choice.

My dad loves history books, I'd recommend anything by Pulitzer Prize winner, David McCullough such as "John Adams."  He's also become a John Grisham fan lately, and his best-selling novels like "The Racketeer," would make a great gift.

Happy Gifting, Happy Reading and Happy Father's Day!!

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