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Sundays with Neubie the Truebie (Episode 61, "Who Are You, Really?")

Good afternoon fellow truebies.  What did you guys think of last week's premiere?  Did it exceed or meet your expectations?  There was a lot I liked and little that I didn't like.  Some of our questions were answered, while some questions just got bigger.

Of course the biggest dilemma is what to with Bill.  For one, we discovered along with the rest of the gang that Bill appears to have survived drinking the blood of Lillith.  In fact, he is stronger than ever.  He survived a walk through fire and a staking!  Sookie, Eric, and Nora are convinced that Bill did die and that his form is just a type of apparition for Lillith.

While Bill/Billith was enraged when he ran from after Sookie, Eric, and Nora from the Authority headquarters, he let the trio escape with Jason, Tara, Pam, and Jessica.  Sookie mourned what she believed to be the death of Bill and the rise of Lilith in his form.  With the exception of Jessica, the other vampires didn't mourn his loss but feared what he has become. However, Jessica stayed true to her maker and decided to stay with him after he called her home.  When Bill made a lunge for Eric, it was Sookie who staked Bill and everyone was shocked when he survived.  Jessica then stood up for Bill and ordered them all to leave there property.  Afterwards, once Eric had taken Sookie home, he signed her house back over to her and she revoked his invitation into her home, longing to be the innocent girl she once was. 

I don't know what to think, Bill certainly seemed like his old self when he tucked Jessica into bed like a good dad and asked for her help for him to remain himself while discovering and adapting to his new powers.  His memories have also clearly remained intact as proven when he shared a memory of his human life as a soldier with Jessica.  I believe that Bill still is the gentlemanly vampire we know and love but that he needs to fight the savage Lilith that is like a demon inside him. 

Jessica shares her thoughts on Bill and her new responsibility in her latest blog post...

All this drama with makes me long for the simpler version of him that is depicted in the books, a gentlemanly vampire who spends all his time compiling a vampire encyclopedia on his computer.

Despite all this drama, Tara and Pam found a moment to be alone.  Pam was trying to hide her upset over Eric not telling her about his sister Nora.  Tara tried to comfort her and the ladies had a spat but ultimately took comfort in each other.  Unfortunately there moment of peace doesn't last long as they are soon threatened at Fangtasia.

Elsewhere in Bon Temps, Andy deals with what to me is a living hell.  His moment of recklessness with a faerie left him with 4 half fae babies to care for.  Arlene and and Terry do their best to help him adjust to his new life as a dad but they are all horrified when the babies grow into toddlers just days later.  I don't believe this has been revealed on the show but you can throw people and things up into a faerie portal where they'd be sucked back into the fae world. If I were Andy, I'd take that crazy mob of kids and find the nearest faerie portal.

Sam also a huge new responsibility.  After shifting into Steve Newlin to help free her daugther, Luna died in the aftermath, and told Sam he had to care for her daughter.   Sam and the girl ran to Merlotte's for safety and shelter.

Over in the Shreveport area, Alcide was being "sworn in" as packmaster in the traditional werewolf ceremony.  As seen in the books, when one rises up to packmaster he must have sex with another female of the pack in attempt to re-populate the pack with full-blood weres.  This female who is selected for this honor among the pack is not always the new packmaster's wife or girlfriend.  Alcide is given a beautiful member of the pack to follow-through on this tradition with and it is not his equally beautiful girlfriend.  Alcide runs off to the woods with the were and his girlfriend follows.  Only his girlfriend isn't jealous and the trio quickly get into some um-wild activities.

I almost forgot about Jason!  True to form, he made the boneheaded decision to hitchhike home after things in the SUV with the vampire and his sister got too crazy for his comfort.  Jason took a ride with the first car that stopped, without hesitation and proceeded to tell the man driving the whole sad story of his sister, and the vampire Warlow that he blamed for his parent's deaths.  The driver then told Jason that he knows all about Warlow and Jason jumped to the conclusion that the driver was Warlow as the show cut to black.

Now, while I think Jason would get what he deserved if he did get into a car with Warlow, I highly doubt that he is Warlow.  There is someone else who knows everything about the Stackhouse siblings and that is there faerie great-great grandfather Niall.  I bet my stash of True Blood beverages that this man will be revealed to be Niall.

And if everyone didn't have enough to deal with already, the Governor of Louisianna has threatened to shut down all vampire owned and operated businesses such as Fangtasia and has made a shady deal with the makers of True Blood to help them out with the operations plant shortage.

Phew, there was a lot of action in just 60 minutes!! This certainly looks to be one heck of a season.  What do hope to see in the coming weeks?  Pull up a chair at the Merlotte's bar and share with us!!

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