Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sundays with Neubie the Truebie (Episode 62 "The Sun")

Happy Sunday fellow Truebies!  What did you all think of last week's episode?  More of our questions were answered but bigger questions formed in their wake.

Jason learned that his mysterious driver was not crazy vampire Warlow but his fae grandfather, Niall.  Niall gave Jason a paternal lecture about the dangers of hitchhiking and blabbing family secrets to anyone with an ear as the duo headed back to Sookie's house.  Niall checked out the portal where Warlow appeared to Sookie and returned with a dismal report for the Stackhouse siblings, that Warlow has entered their world already. 

As is that wasn't enough drama on Sookie's plate she discovered a mysterious injured man in the woods by her home.  Sookie soon discovers that his name is Ben and he is a telepath like herself and half fae.  She invited the sexy stranger home with her where he could recover.  Ben is gorgeous and the two had chemistry but it seemed a little too good to be true.  I'm betting Ben is either an evil faery or a fae cousin.  

Back at Fangtasia, Eric discovered that the government's weapons against vampires have become horrifyingly advanced.  Eric retrieved a UV light emitting bullet from Tara.  For some reason Nora doesn't understand why the government is suddenly anti-vampire meanwhile, her work in the Authority is what caused a lot of the anti-vampire sentiment.  Apparently Eric's sibling is as dumb as Sookie's.

Eric is determined to get the Louisianna senator to back down on his anti-vampire stance and attempted to glamour him into doing so.  Unfortunately for Eric, he discovered that the government has also developed contacts that are glamour proof and he found himself in a tight spot before literally flying off to safety. 

Sam is determined to move forward and return to business as usual by returning to work at Merlotte's while Lafayette baby-sits for Emma.  A group of young people come in looking for a good meal.

Of course, nothing is ever simple in Bon Temps and a young woman from the group soon cornered Sam in the back room and tried to convince him to "come out" as a shifter to help other shifters and weres and support their pro-shifter cause.  Sam declined their offer.  Unfortunately for him, this group doesn't seem the type to back down and seems to have ulterior motives.  After a long day at work, Sam returned home to relieve Lafayette and tuck Emma into bed.  However, Alcide has apparently gone mad, as he showed up with his girlfriend and Emma's grandmother to bring Emma "home" with them.  Despite Emma's pleas and a full on fight between the wolves and shifters, Alcide wrangled Emma away and Sam and Lafayette found themselves losers in the fight as the wolves hauled Emma off.  The girl from earlier and her shifter friends were in the adjacent woods the whole time filming the incident. 

With everything going on no one had time to check in or Jessica and Bill or perhaps everyone else was to freaked out by Bill's new state to help.  Jessica caught Bill in the middle of his vision he was having about Lilith and other vampire creatures like Lilith who all needed a shower and a wax.  Anyway, long story short, Lilith told Bill that he must save their kind.  Bill also had visions of other vampires being attacked by humans.  Poor Jessica had no idea what was happening and just saw poor Bill in a catatonic state with a bad case of the bleeds.  Thinking Bill was just hungry, she called for a human blood donor and was disgusted when Bill fed of and killed the donor through telekinesis.  Finally, after Lilith's declaration that Bill save their kind, he came to.  Jessica was relieved but the duo was soon concerned when they realized that Bill's visions of vampires being attacked were actually premonitions as they saw the same events unfolding on the evening news.

It was another action packed hour this past week.  Other than Niall there isn't a single plot point here from the books so I don't know where this season is going. Regardless, I am really enjoying this season.  I hope that Bill is still around despite the crazy visions and new powers.  If we have to look at Lilith anymore this season, I hope she gets a loincloth or perhaps Bill could encourage her to visit a waxer.

What do you guys think of this season?  Please share!!

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