Friday, January 27, 2012

Support Authors in the Hudson Valley Area!

During my years at Borders I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing local talent.  In the comments of our Book Club entry I spoke on how we ended up getting Brandon Mull to do a signing at our store, let me tell you that is honestly the exception.  Most times I get a local author, or publicist calling the store looking for a manager to set up a signing.  I usually said yes because I knew that the store needed events in it.  At one point we were required to have at least 1 event a week (excluding story time).  Over 3 years in Middletown I had the pleasure of meeting some great people who I support 100%  Even when I messed something up, or the vendor didn't get me the proper books in time they were able to make lemons into lemonade and for that I have been grateful.

Now I have authors of different genres so I'm sure you will be able to find a book that is to your liking!


First things first Mr. John Briant.  John Briant was a regular in our store and the Poughkeepsie location.  He has written several books in the Adirondack Detective series.  He is a retired state trooper and criminal investigator.  John's main character Jason Black is very similar to him and he tries to solve various mysteries in the Adirondacks.  Mr. Briant is probably one of the nicest men I have ever met.  Every time he called the store he made sure we didn't talk about just "shop" but about our lives.  I will never forget about a week after we found out we were closing he called the store to see that we were all okay and to thank us for helping him sell books throughout the years.  He always sent a thank you card to myself and the staff after a signing.  That kind spirit makes him a memorable person as well as a local talent.

Another one of our favorites is Owen Palmiotti.

He is the author of two books (and is in the process of writing the third) in the Independent Reader category. I had the pleasure of visiting him during his latest signing at Barnes and Noble in Nyack.  The stories focus on Benjamin Manry and as he explained to my husband this weekend, it's like the Goonies but the treasure is cursed and there's time travel involved.  That was enough to get my dear hubby hooked, so he wants to read it!  Owen always comes to his signings dressed as a pirate just to get peoples attention.  It works too, people are very curious as to why someone is in a bookstore dressed up and they ask about the book!

Let's hear it for some great women authors!!!

 Deva Gantt wrote the Colette Trilogy which consists of Silent Ocean Away, Decision and Destiny and Forever Waiting.  When these books first came out they were self published as one huge novel!  Luckily Harper Collins noticed them and suggested the book be broken into 3 parts and they have been doing very well ever since.  Why do I say they?  Deva Gantt is actualy the pen name of sisters Deb and Valerie Gantt.  The series is a great historical fiction series that focuses on Charmaine Ryan and the family she finds herself apart of in a twist of fate.

Val and Deb are two of the nicest ladies I've met.  I had issues getting their first book in stock and they made arrangements for me to get it into the store.  I wish them the best of luck as they continue on their literary journey!

Finally I must introduce one of our biggest fans, though I know I am one of hers.  The wonderfully kind Michelle Zink.

Michelle writes mostly Young Adult Novels.  She started with the Prophecy of the Sisters series and in a couple months A Temptation of Angels will be released (I personally cannot wait).  The Prophecy of the Sisters series tells of the story of two sisters, Lia and Alice who's fate has been set, but Lia must attempt to change. Michelle is a strong supporter of brick and mortar stores, I am lucky to have met her.  Our last week of business Michelle stopped by the store with goodies for us.  She always supported us as people and I know we will all continue to support her!

Thanks for reading my quick reviews.  Remember pick these books up in your local Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, or Independent store.  If they don't have the book in stock, ask them to order it!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica! Thanks for the accolades! If ever you get a book discussion group together, you know Deb and I would love to come and join in. Val, the "Va" in DeVa Gantt