Monday, August 6, 2012

Goddess Test by Aimee Carter

I am a big fan of Greek Mythology. I had this awesome teacher in college and even on days when it was 150 degrees outside I was in his classroom completely enthralled. So one day I am fixing the YA Science Fiction section like we did 600 times a day and this book catches my eye. The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter.

Kate Winters is your normal teenage girl. Except she is driving cross country with her mother to her mothers home town where she wishes to spend the last of her days. They are terribly numbered due to the horrible disease of cancer. She meets James, nerd extraordinaire and Ava Queen Bee of the local high school.

After some very bad things done on Ava's part, Kate ends up at Eden Manor with the ever delicious Henry. Who says that he is Hades. I am just saying if a man Tall..Dark..Mysterious..and Breathtaking tells me he is Hades I just might walk out on my life and tell him to call me his Persephone. Maybe I read too many Romance novels.

Its one of my favorite part of Harlequin Teen is they do Romance but not over the top. It can be sickly sweet but Aimee Carter does its beautifully. Its sweet and fitting for the age of the characters. Bravo Aimee Carter, you give me faith in our generation!

I am getting off topic. Kate now has to make a choice, a life with Henry and ruling the underworld with him or to walk away from Eden Manor. But if she chooses to stay with Henry she must pass the tests. No one knows what they are nor will she know when they are happening. If she passes she will be given immortality, and if not...well I am sure you get the picture.

This book is very well rounded and I cannot wait for Book 3 to be released.  I believe the 967 heart attacks I have waiting for Goddess Inheritance to come out will be billed directly to Aimee herself.

You can buy Goddess Test here Barnes and Noble , Books A Million , and Chapters

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