Sunday, August 12, 2012

Truebie Sundays with Neubie

Hello fellow truebies!  We're down to the final four "Neubie the Truebie" posts here are Season 5 winds down to a close.  Last week's episode, "Everybody Wants to Rule the World," (take a moment to sing the Tears for Fears classic in your head) was action packed.  If you don't want spoilers than don't read any further!

Luna made a remarkable recovery and insisted she accompany Sam while he assists Andy find the shifter sniper.  Andy is determined to do things more traditionally and orders Sam and Luna to stay out of it.  Sam then teaches Luna one of his old trick and they turn into flies on the wall so they can overhear how the investigation is progressing.  As Andy and Jason view the video the hate group posted online, they realize that the apparent leader is wearing cowboy boots-specifically, cowboy boots that Andy remembers Bud Dearborn receiving as a retirement present.  The boys then head over to pay a visit to the former Sheriff.

Meanwhile, Sookie went to Bud Dearborn's house to see what he remembered about the night he discovered her parent's dead bodies.  While she was there, she felt uneasy and couldn't help but hear Bud's thoughts.  She learned that he told her everything he knew about her parents but that he was hiding something major and dangerous.  Just when she is getting ready to leave, she was knocked unconscious by Bud's mistress.

Over at The Authority Headquarters, Eric ploted with Molly to escape and take Bill and Nora with them.  Eric finally got a moment to talk to Bill alone and it seems Bill wasn't really faking he is torn between The Authority's teachings and his mainstreaming values.  Eric encourages him to bust out with him and then think about things; Bill agreed.  However, this being True Blood, life or the afterlife is never that simple.  Eric, Molly, and a drugged Nora are waiting by the elevator and have just moments to leave The Authority compound before they'll be caught.  They're waiting for Bill only when he finally showed up, he apparently has become a traitor and brought Salome and the other Authority members with him to bust Eric and Molly.  Eric didn't even try to fight it, he just surrendered to the silvering at the episode's close.

Sookie awoke in a literal pig pen and found Hoyt, unconconcious and lying nearby.  A short time later, Bud and his mistress arrive and his mistress finally identifies herself as Sweetie Des Arts.  In "Dead as a Doornail," Sweetie is not only Merlotte's latest cook, she is also the shifter sniper.  So, it was great to see a major plot point from the books match this otherwise book inconsistent season.  Sweetie then told Sookie of her master plan, her group wants shifters and supes of all kinds to be eliminated.  She plans of feeding Sookie and Hoyt to the pigs and film it for the hate groups website.  Fortunately for Sookie, Sam and Luna had shifted into pigs and shifted back to human form to fight Sweetie and Bud at the same time that Jason and Andy showed up.  Luna savagely attacks Sweetie before she is carted off by the Bon Temps Police Department and Luna and Sam enjoy a moment of happiness that the worst is over.  (Unfortunately, their happiness will be really short-lived).

Alcide, after losing out on the pack master position and being abjured headed to Jackson to visit his father.  His father is a much bigger mess than depicted in the books.  He lives in a beat-up trailer and uses his disability checks to fuel his gambling addiction.  In the books, Alcide's father Jackson Herveaux had overcome his gambling addiction by this point and was campaigning to be pack master himself.  On the show, he seems to have no such aspirations as he told Alcide he is better off without the pack and that they are two of a kind.

Elsewhere, Alcide's former pack held a pack meeting.  Luna's former mother in law is there with Emma in pup form.  Russell took Steve to the meeting and told him all about his loves of weres.  Steve commented that he never had a pet and Russell replied that was a shame and you can pretty much guess what happened next. Yup, Russell snatched poor little Emma away from her grandmother and gave his new love Steve his very first pet.

Finally, over in Shreveport Pam and Tara are busy working and making snarky comments to each other when Pam spies a skeezy vampire who looked like some gothed out vampire-wannabe sitting in her chair, feeding on a human.  Pam approaches the vampire and he informed her that he is now the Sheriff of Area 5 and that the monarchs have lifted the ban on feeding off humans in public.  Pam tries to object and the greasy vamps kicks her across the club while ordering the other vamps to grab a human and drink up. 

Only 3 episodes left in this season!!  What do you guys think?  What should we do about my man Bill?  I suspect that the blood of Lilith isn't vampire blood at all.  A friend told me she suspected it's faerie blood but I am leaning toward Elf blood at the moment.  In Charlaine Harris' short story, "Two Blondes," Pam's drink is spiked with elf blood which affects vampires they way a very strong drink would.  What are your thoughts?

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