Friday, August 24, 2012

Reading Rituals

Growing up we had a ritual in my house.  Every night my sister and I would read a chapter or two out of a book before going to bed.  As bed time approached we would choose whether to read in my room or my sister's.  We'd sit on the bed, my sister and I on either side of my dad (who of course made sure we actually did it).  This continued on throughout the summer months as well, just so our reading skills stayed strong.  As we grew older this ritual stopped.  I ended up reading before bedtime, but if I couldn't sleep, on came the flashlight and I was reading under the covers. 

Another ritual I started (but was short lived) was around Christmas time I always asked my sister to read The Little Match Girl.  I don't know why I liked hearing that story so much since it has a some what sad ending, but I did.  

Once I moved out I tried reading a chapter (or two or three) before I went to bed.  This worked for a while,  but then it got to the point I didn't want to put the book I was reading down!  

When I had Anastasia in April, I began reading her Guess How Much I Love You every night before I left NICU.  Whether she knew I was doing it or not is beyond me.  But it made ME feel good sharing my love of reading with her.

When we brought her home in May it was quite a transition.  I read while I had to make her meals, and now every now and then we have family reading time in our room.  We have many Golden books, and other young reading materials that I read to her from.  I am hoping in time she will have her own love for reading like I do.

So today I pose a question to you.  What are your reading rituals?  Are the permanent or changing?

And just because I can, I'd like to share Anastasia's newest picture at 4 months 1 week!

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