Sunday, August 19, 2012

Truebie Sundays with Neubie

Hello fellow Truebies!  Are you ready for tonight's penultimate Season 5 episode?!  What do you thing will happen?  Will Bill finally stop drinking the Kool Aid and come to his senses?

Last week, Eric seemingly played along with The Authority's plans after Bill told him he didn't know how much longer he and Nora could keep Eric alive unless he got on board.  Eric didn't look thrilled with the prospect but it seemed better than meeting the true death like poor Tina did. We also learned that two of the four Tru Blood plants had been bombed and supplies are scarce thus causing a literal feeding frenzy on humans.

Sookie became a victim of this feeding frenzy when her habit of trusting people endangered her life yet again.  The parish coroner knocked on her door and she let him despite having no reason to let a coroner into her home even if they were aquaintences.  Soon after entering, the coroner who had been newly turned vampire bit Sookie.  Fortunately, and ridiculously, Sook had just ordered chinese food and staked him with a chopstick.  This was soon the least of her worries as she and Jason took the mysterious document they unearthed from the floorboards to their faerie kin for translating.  Sookie's kin said it was written in the old language and called Andy's fae gal pal Mariella over to read it.  Apparently the document is some kind of contract that was allegedly entered into between Sookie's ancestors offering Sookie's life to the fae.  Mari was also visibly pregnant.  Odds are good that Maury Povich may pay a little visit to Andy soon.  :)

Over at Fangtasia, Pam and Tara are dealing with the crazy new Sheriff.  One of his mandates was for 30 new vampires to made by the years end.  Like me, Pam isn't a fan of progeny and she has her hands full with Tara.  So she wasn't keen on this idea to say the least.  She also doesn't let anyone boss her around.  Tara used her new vampire status to lure the new sheriff into a trap.  She led him to believe she'd killed Ginger after a feeding but then staked him the moment he was distracted by Ginger's breathing body.  Pam heard the commotion and looked horrified by the possible consequences of this but then very pleased with her progeny's handling of the situation.

Back over at Merlotte's, Hoyt invited Jessica and Jason to dinner and told them that he planned to move to Alaska for a job drilling oil (maybe he also wants to see Russia from his house).  Jess and Jason urged him to reconsider but he said he is too heartbroken to stay.  He then asked Jess to glamour into forgetting that he ever knew her or Jason.  Jess refused but after much begging by Hoyt she agreed.  It was the most heartbreaking glamouring ever.

Meanwhile Sam and Luna worked on getting Emma back.  After seeing Steve Newlin give an interview on a New Orleans news program, they flew to the studio in hopes of meeting Steve and rescuing Emma.  Unfortunately she was back at The Authority compound with Russell.  However, Sam and Luna shifted into mice and stowed away in Steve's bag where he unknowingly took them along with him into the compound.  I don't know about you but I'd certainly know if there was a freaking mouse in my purse!! Apparently Steve isn't that observant.

Once The Authority was all gathered back together at their headquarters, Russel told them that he doesn't just want to feed of humans, he thinks all vampires should become day-walkers and to do so, they must find feed on and study faerie blood.  Salome balked at the idea saying that as Lilith's children, vampires are creatures of the night.  Russell, finally had enough and told them that he didn't care about the religion, he wanted to walk in the sun.  He also used lots of expletives and flashy dialogue that was pure Russell.

What do you all think? I can't wait to see tonight's episode.  I gotta run, I'm headed off to my own version of Merlotte's for Happy Hour !

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ceegee said...

Yes.. let's hope "King Bill" wakes up and does something to help out "his people" before they are all dead...