Monday, August 6, 2012

Truebie Sundays with Neubie

Alright it's Monday!  Sorry for the delay but after I recovered from my birthday exstravangza, it turned out my internet died.  It was either killed by the thunderstorm or bad faeries.  I blame the fae as I've been talking a lot of smack about them but anyway, without further adieu, let's review Episode, 56 "Somebody That I Used to Know," which aired on July 29.

Early on in the episode, Claude and his siblings agreed to help Sookie try to find out exactly how her parents died.  They met with her and Jason at the bridge where the accident occurred and told her how they could use their powers to supernaturally put Sookie in her parents shoes that night so she could witness the incident through there eyes.  This reminded me of the ectoplasmic reconstruction that is described in "Definitely Dead."  In "Definitely Dead," Sookie tries to solve her cousin Hadley's murder.  She is able to do so with the aid of her new friend Amelia and Amelia's coven.  The coven performed a spell known as an ecotplasmic reconstruction where a the coven is able to project a virtual image of the events leading up to Hadley's death.  The fae's power seemed to work similarly in this episode.  Sookie witnessed her parents stopping on the bridge in the middle of a rain storm to avoid hitting a dark figure.  The figure, bares super sharp fangs lunges at Mr. and Mrs. Stackhouse.  Then Sookie saw Claudine at the door calling for the fanged figure "Warlow," to leave the human alone.  Sookie asked Claude and his siblings if they knew anything about Warlow, they denied having any knowledge of him but believe him to be a vampire.  However, they neglect to tell Sookie that faeries can have super sharp teeth that can mimic fangs.  In "Dead and Gone," Sookie is actually tortured, bit repeatedly, by the fae revealed to be responsible for killing her parents.  Hopefully Sookie and Jason will soon discover that bad faeries killed her parents and not a vampire named Warlow?!

Meanwhile the Authority, including Bill and ,head back to headquarters after leaving the bloodbath they created at the wedding rehearsal.  They believe that Lilith was a vision/sign that they are on the right track and that it is god's (Lilith) wish that they are to feed off human and that mainstreaming is blasphemy.  After seeing Godric's spirit during the bloodbath, Eric is determined to get out and believes Bill will join him.  He is shocked to hear Bill continue to align himself with the Authority and suggest that the Authority bomb TruBlood factories to force vampires to feed off the blood of humans.  He says he's "evolving."  I'm pretty sure he is bluffing and has a master plan to kill the crazy Authority and Russell once and for all.  We'll talk more about this on Sunday.  As this storyline is strictly show based, I have no parallels to draw from but Bill has longed to return to his human returns as soon as he was turned so I doubt he's lost his humanity so quickly.

Lafayette heads back to Bon Temps after escaping from Jesus' father.  He barely has time to relax before Arlene and Holly ask him to use his medium skills to help Terry free himself and us from the ridiculousness of the smoke demon storyline.  Lafayette has wised up this season and says will help but he wants money for it!  The ladies agree and they trick Terry and Patrick into attending a seance where Lafayette learns that they can free themselves of the smoke demon if Terry kills Patrick or Patrick kills Terry.  Patrick flees.

Over at Fangtasia a former classmate of Tara's berates Tara with a ton of backhanded compliments.  Tara attacks her and Pam intervenes and gives Tara a lecture about not feeding/attacking humans in the bar.  Pam later show her "softer" side when she gives Tara a present; Pam tied the bitchy classmate up in the dungeon and has left her for Tara to have her way with.

In Shreveport, Luna believes she is dying from her gunshot wounds and can not control her shifting.  She accidently turns into Sam and runs to him for help in what played out to be both heartwarming and hysterical as it appears Sam is holding and consoling himself.

Being that Episode 57 aired last night, I know how a lot this ends up but I'm going to wait until Sunday, 8/12 to discuss it with  y'all.  Please share your thoughts of the current season with us!

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