Thursday, August 9, 2012

Favorite Books as a Down Under

Oh Holy Cows... Today is Thrusday isn't it? I need to post don't I? Well. I am at work and don't have a book on me SO... I am going to share with you my favorite books that I read when I was a Down Under.

Boxcar Children: I loved these books and read them All Of The Time. I never read all of them, but, I read quite a few. They were short and fun and I think I might have had a crush on Benny. He was just so cute and adorable.

Nancy Drew: My sister, RebeccaT, introduced me to these and I absolutely adored them. I tried reading all of them, but that was before I knew you could order books from different libraries, so I think I got stuck somewhere in the mid-thirties. One of the moments I'll always remember is in one of the first ones where Nancy Drew had to use a mirror to signal SOS for help. I always thought that was super cool.

I loved mysteries and even tried writing one when I was younger. Yeahhhh... That did not happen. I cannot write mysteries for my life, but I loved them growing up.

Frog and Toad and those Mice ones. Like, Mice Soup and Mice Tails. Those were so much full of awesome. They had pictures that connected with the stories. And there was something magical about them. I want to write stories like that. I've tried, but they ended up being violent. And involving death.

Hmmm... Maybe because I read so many mysteries... And mysteries often involve death... This is beginning to make sense to me.

SO... What books did you grow up reading? Do share :)

Have a happy week Down Unders.

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